Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Died Today ... A Dog's Last Day on Earth

This is very awesome.

Please look at these pictures.



(rainbow bridge click HERE  

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  1. just over one month ago i was forced to make a decision about one of my cats- he had skin cancer and tumors had come back onto his head and then he began to take a turn - vomiting too often.. i knew i had to make that 'call' we all dread... my mistake was not asking for HELP LOUD enuf from my regular vet - >>fucking busy people everywhere now<< -- can really be self centered... well i called my back up vet -He had retired.. & the guy who bought that clinic ended up coming.. he was angry or irritated about something-ANYWAY... my cat suffered for 20-25 minutes of brutality and sadistic treatment from a man who seemed to not care or have a clue - terrorizing my gentle companion of over a dozen years.. he stabbed away with large hypodermics; finally stabbing into chest aiming for my cats heart pulling up blood and stabbing chest again...a most horrific, brutal, IN HOME Euthanasia NO One can ever imagine would or could happen.. the betray i feel toward my lost boy is voluminous, unrepairable, unforgettable... there is no room for Normal grief in this situation - none. it is all about the brutality of this man (as his 13year old son stood in my kitchen watching) does that kid think this is NORMAL? this is how sadistic men pass behaviors onto the next generation... nothing will come of my story - i am afraid of that man, and the small city i live in, word gets around.. about the crazy woman who complained about her cat dieing too slow... where is the fucking justice for my cat.. is there no God? and why me? Never in my life have i witnessed sadistic behavior first hand... and i still ask why this Cat? and Why Me? i hate this fucking place... i could go put my head in a vase and turn the handle.. but that Vet did it for me... my brain is still seeping pain - and i have to PAY him for that procedure.. isn't this modern world just excellent...?