Thursday, March 19, 2015

Love Without Reason .....nuff said

dog pics from the calendar


  1. hmmmm first thoughts:
    one who walks With another
    one who moves With you
    two who work for the same goal
    as two oxen are yoked and thus move walk work together,
    humans can deliberately, freely choose to yoke themselves together
    my dog was my partner
    my brother was my first partner (after the natural unconcious at first partner of mother)
    one has many partners
    in crime
    in humor
    in spending time
    in love
    and your thoughts?

  2. I now seek a partner in this life. In my past life, I thought the weight of the yoke would be too much to bear. Perhaps it's not a weight, but an ethereal bond.

  3. Yes.
    What bonds birds together in the perfection of a flock’s darting flight?
    No physical yoke (beyond some molecular transport) but
    ethereal bonds.

    Do humans see things as they are or through their self-colored lens? Heavy, Now you are light/

    How does one Seek a (Life?) partner
    other than
    becoming oneself, with all the pain, sadness, wisdom, wonder of the journey-with joy, flying on one's own best purposeful trajectory, (who you think you are, be really)
    then looking to the side and finding who is there?

  4. I am without words. Stream: looking left, looking right; now time to cross. Rose petals in a wine glass of water. The smell of December. begets. That perfect pot puree. Oak, flowers, embers, herbs, and candles. Cassiopeia.