Thursday, March 26, 2015

April means... Vultures redux

Vultures-- cleaning up after, flying around with a bald red head, eating up the things that need disappearing.
 Gotta love 'em.
Large File click to enlarge
Click here for one short vid  or here for another shortie of Flying.
Photos of vultures are all over this blog, including HERE and HERE

A friend new to Kansas asked me to repost this to get her up to speed on the turkey vulture.

Here is the latest vulture video (not as good as some, but the flying is nice) . I don't think the meal was good. at 34 seconds i thought i saw a yawn, but later was it gagging? glad to share.
click on video twice to watch enlarged.

more close ups click HERE

a spring vid of vultures in a field next door:

close up vulture dancing in the kansa wind:

and your very own vulture poster from me:

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