Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shackled by Mercy

for the Earth's my justice is shackled by my mercy moved to pity by the prayers of those I love so count more on my generosity you both for you and for all those you commit to me there to help more than you have ever hoped before as you come to believe in the divine open handedness we aren't on the same plane then expect the extraordinary you have already experienced it it will strengthen your faith and hope in a way that you don't suspect it is I myself to come and can I come other than as God my love is the source of everything did you think it was my pity my pity yes but moved by this love of mine that is greater than all of their lives I can only teach you about it little by little because you are so fragile for you would faint like to be love... the Song of Solomon if morph...ine. Words from my heart fell upon your ear and if isn't beautiful books I ..added... pictures

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