Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Halloween Garden Art at the East Side Market in Manhattan, Kansas

Pumpkins and Lizards and such... a great line from the Cinderella 2015 movie, and also, 3 of the 295,632 items you can find at the East or West side markets in Manhattan, KS this time of year.

This little creature caught my eye...

Let me say, these two markets---owned and operated by a generous, smart, beautiful woman named Terry--Terri? ---are the go-to place year 'round for charming, funny, poignant, and lovely decor for your yard or home, regardless of season and for every holiday.

The O'Henry peaches are here!

 It is hard not to want everything in the market.
Outside are flowers, herbs, houseplants, garden plants, flowers, succulents, yard art, roses, flowers! haybales, shrubs, small flowering trees.... bird supplies, pots, etc etc etc....

click on poster to view larger
But inside there is every kind of fun or delicious or beautiful thing.
From jewelry to meat rub,
from fresh homegrown vegetables to chocolate cashew toffee;
from ornaments and light catchers and umbrellas which are works of art, to the best garden gloves and deer repellent and body lotion. ...

So, today i went in to the Eastside market

219 E. Poyntz Ave
(785) 776-9331

and found this:

I couldn't resist 
taking a few pics... heh.

large posters,click to view large.

Same expression in every pic.

enjoy the day.

Autumn is here.

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Eastern Black Swallowtail on a Duranta tree i bought from Eastside market:

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