Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jimmy Fallon's Continual Fat Jokes on the Tonight Show (about Chris Christie)

How did making fun of someone's appearance get to be OK? I thought, particularly among the cool kids, it was frowned upon. Fat-shaming? NO No no.

Actually, people are now fired, tarred & feathered, blacklisted, and defriended for making fun of--or even mentioning--such traits as weight, attractiveness or the lack thereof,

However, it is not political correctness that would keep me from using weight for humor reasons.
Even as a child, i was taught to consider how another person feels.
The idea of hearing or knowing that people were making fun of overweightness--
a very sad thing.
Perhaps it is upbringing.
Jimmy Fallon's mom should give him a ring.

I know,
 in this day of political correctness, it is OK to make fun of people to the right of center.
Fat republicans, yes, fat democrats, no. 
If say, a rush Limbaugh made fun of a fat female democrat house member--
Oh the shame! How tacky! KHow crude! What an idiot!

Did you watch Blackish last night? (the N word.... very funny stuff)
Can you make fun of a fat black person?
Can a comedian make fun of certain religions and not others?

PC is the toilet bowl of hypocrisy.

On the other hand, this is the heavy, horrifying side of political correctness and moral relativity exposed: 

I am embarrassed when Jimmy Fallon continually makes fun of Chris Christie's weight. 
and i have no opinion about Chris Christie at all, really.
It's that i do watch fallon, make others watch his show, and forward his sketches to other people.

If i was his big sister i would knuckle pound him til he stopped.
Don't try to be funny by hurting another person in such a lame way.

chris-christie "walks out" on fallons fat joke -fat-joke

"If I ever leave public life," Christie said, "you're going to have to hire two writers just to replace the garbage you say about me."

here ya go...

make fun of some cats or hitler or something...

rock stars then and now lol

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