Monday, September 30, 2013

Casey Anthony's Pink Striped Shirt at Trial Verdict: Scariest Halloween Costume of the Year

(as of today, september 30, i have a medium, 10-12, and a large, 12-14, original unworn in the dillards wrapper ralph lauren original. If you want to buy one for Halloween,
 please email me at

Folks think of casey anthony as a sociopath..thus, a simple pink shirt makes a perfect halloween SCARY costume.
 i bought The Last of the LR pink pinstriped ruffled shirts in Manhattan, (the exact one she wore at Verdict)
 and posted on ebay last year partly as Dark Humor, partly as a fundraiser;
(proceeds were to go to a local adoption service)-
But due to a couple of angry, accusatory comments removed it.
What can you do for Justice for Caylee: Wendy murphy HERE
Casey anthony aquitted: HERE  wendy murphy's  discussion
of further evidence of the crime here

The SCARIEST halloween costume ever. But if you don't want to go as a defense lawyer, try a pink ruffled shirt...

On a weirder note--in my local neighborhood bar and grill, every single guy at the bar having a beer was able, when asked several days later, to accurately describe what C.Anthony was wearing at her Verdict.  join OJ's glove in history.

 the ebay seller who'd kindly listed the item
 reported that she received insulting notes
 (eg "blood money") due to posting this auction item for me.
Those writing the notes apparently did not see
 a) that proceeds were going to an organization that helps children,
and b) the dark humor in chastising c.a. by calling
 her clothing "a scary halloween costume"--

"what other people think of you is none of your business..."


National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4-A-CHILD


  1. How many did you purchase? I would like to buy one. Are they for sale since you took them off of the auction?

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  3. i suppose a hundred years ago no one would want the shirt; those who already owned it would give it away instantly after the trial to salvation army where it would sit on the shelf (the shoppers angry as Seinfeld's shelter folk getting only muffin bottoms)- it would be a hideous scary item and it would in fact be used for a halloween costume. then we all got seriously pc sensitive and are afraid to offend. now, perhaps in fact we do anything as long as we justify it by giving proceeds to charity. ?
    i have an M (6-8) and an L (10-12) which i intend to sell to someone who needs to put together a wicked but easy halloween costume: a water bottle (blue lable) grey pants, dark hair pulled back and a perpetual pout. s/he should get his/her date to dress like the baez defense attorney

    if she's innocent:
    boy is my judgey face red...

  4. The newspaper reported that Macy's Department Store who is selling it was completely sold out right after the verdict was read.
    People are strange. Although I'd like to have the million dollars that the first picture of her out and about will fetch.