Friday, March 2, 2012

Women in My History: Secret Recipes

March is Women's History Month. The history of women in my life, both blood relatives and family through friendships or marriages, is one of great strength and power and goodness.
One thing i am going to do in honor of them, is share with the world an aMAZing recipe. when you share this delectable delight, people will slavishly serve you until you share the recipe. which i never do since having servants is so fun. obviously, just kidding.  there's just something about the life-giving act of feeding.

Two things about the recipe: each word is important. so if it says cream "well" that means, really, cream it WELL. also, after making it, refrigerate. the bars are better when they have been refrigerated.

this won a recipe contest once.
You can attribute it to my grandmother, Mary, who probably got it from her mother but who gave it to my mother long ago.

click on pic to enlarge
whenever we make this recipe we put several 1" squares in little baggies and share with others. it is just too good to eat it all without sharing.

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