Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Frank Martin Leaves K-State, Heads for the Coast... (Press Conference Video)

Sadness. We had fun, had the wild ride,
 then it got serious. We fell in love. Dude, we totally fell in love!
 here and  here and remember here?
Here is the dish from  the manhattan mercury (Story excerpt at bottom of post)...

 South Carolina,
you are such a Lana Lang, a heartbreaker,

oh never mind. 

I remember when Tony Dungy, along with mike alstott and warrick dunn and others left the bucs, somehow the bucs didn't do it for me any more. i was a transplant there anyway ..a little Tony Dungy Story that might relate: HERE

OK, here is the video of the Press Conference in South Carolina today. My staff gathered 'round the computer. Sulked.

part one (8 minutes)  is here: http://youtu.be/RKjRk2pQupM

South Carolina Gamecocks  Announcement part 2 HERE:
Frank speaks about "paying" players...and more (about 3 minutes)

Frank Martin Fans...
Frank Martin Fans...

more details HERE

and remember-- Coach Martin leaves a team with almost EveryOne returning! 
what a catch for the next coach...

a little warren sapp- tony dungy story:
So Tony Dungy, after a few years of team building, character-building, WINS, and all around Make Tampa Feel Good ness, is let go by the Glazers.

The next year, little Chuckie (Coach Gruden) gets the superbowl trip with the Bucs.
Warren Sapp is interviewed.
He says:

Tony was like the man who comes into a dirty filthy kitchen.
He cleans it all up, gets rid of all the spoiled food, makes everything clean and new, brings in all the good ingredients.
Makes a BEEOOUtiful Cake. a wonderful cake.
Puts the Cake in the oven--
An Dang if Gruden didn't come take that cake out of the oven....

mmm mmm rem m member???

manhattan mercury story here
excerpt: "...
 "I think that relationship was a combination of personality and style differences. "It was just two different people with two different approaches."Sources say Currie tried to change Martin, lecturing him on the use of his language during games, and in doing so, attempting to change his sideline demeanor. People close to the program noticed the change, as Martin, a man known for his fiery personality and brutal honesty, transitioned into a much calmer person this past season.
"John didn't really have much of a chance in this situation," a source said. "Because here's Frank, a beloved figure, a blue-collar guy who really connects with the typical K-Stater. I think of K-Staters as the guys who roll up their sleeves and go to work every day and that's how Frank came across, so they're going to immediately connect with Frank in a way that I don't know anybody will ever connect with John Currie in that fashion. "In this situation, it's not surprising most people would be on Frank's side in this. They don't know Currie well enough like they know Frank. All they see is it's back to this world of Asbury/Wooldridge and basketball is going to be irrelevant like before. They immediately see the return to the bad days. I can see where that'd be the reaction. It's an unfortunate situation for all involved."

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