Friday, March 26, 2010

K-State Basketball, 4-Pointers from Crawford, and Frank Martin Staying Centered

Oh My.
Good Dogs indeed..
i must be in fairly good health as
 i did not have a
heart attack last night.
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Yes, in a year past, Xavier had acted
with unsportmanslike behavior
in a year Past;
[reported were prideful antics
on the court after "taking k-state to school" --]
Prideful not in the good sense of
(the pride that comes with hearts swelling and throats constricting -type-meaning, )

but in the more Arrogant,
(laughy dancy nasty, hope-i-am-makin-you-feel-bad type of pride- )
 you know, you've heard about
this type of pride from The Very Beginning.
Modern sports did not invent it.

And yes, K-State players have been the beneficiaries of coaching
from The Coach of the year--it says so in writing HERE--

but put all that aside for the pure
athletic show,
the heart and soul, the testing of the game.
Instant Classic.
 to coin an oxmoron.
(And Jordan Crawford was shooting 4-pointers.)
"Instead, Jordan Crawford failed to find room near the three-point line, so he dribbled far enough away until there was space at which time he rose and fired from 35 feet to send Gus Johnson on CBS into a fit of apoplexy."  film and quote here

Head West.

Frank Martin
says not to do an important thing in a silly or selfish way.
Fu'Cryin' Out Loud!

k-state basketball coach Frank martin
Frank Martin and Miracles   Frank Martin K-State Basketball Coach and Miracles


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