Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Elusive Rare False Reporting and the Ever Present Victim Blaming

The False Rape Society blog this question:  Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We hear a lot about "victim blaming," Have you ever really heard a rape victim blamed for being raped?
My head hurt after reading the question so i'm going home.
  now go watch some K-state - KU basket ball.
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  1. Would you care to furnish objectively verifiable stats on false rape claims, as I've done twice in the past several days, instead of positing self-righteous blather?

    I thought not.

    Pierce Harlan
    False Rape Society

  2. We use FBI statistics if/when we cite a statistic in this area. Since almost every rapist claims he was innocent, (like felons in other crimes) and since the great majority of rapes that occur are never reported, statistics are quite unreliable in this area. (it's a global issue--Even the rapists in the congo and afghanistan consider the taking of control over a woman a "right") When you write these words: "posting self righteous blather" i'm not sure what you mean. Are you trying to rid yourself of built-up anger by being insulting? Perhaps if you have been the victim of UNFAIRNESS and INJUSTICE through the actions of an unbalanced, selfish, or merely evil person, you should try working through those issues like everyone else must, rather than continue the violence by attacking those who merely try to assist victims of violence.
    As i have stated previously, my heart breaks to think of an innocent person being the victim of character assassination, unfair legal problems, and loss of family connections. It is sadly a world where Evil is SHowing itself in full force, no? But those of us who are advocates or therapists or hospital workers who know how many women, children, and men are raped also know that acting or stating that false accusations are a bigger problem than the violence committed against women is simply not so, and insulting us or hating our work is unproductive. Injustice, being played, lied to--having control taken our of your hands-- it totally blows, eh?