Wednesday, April 3, 2013

human apathy


  1. I posted this sad picture as i found it,
    i do not believe the caption entirely.
    i do not believe science has done that much to solve many problems...

  2. HUMANS are for the most part evil i have determined - we are as the fictional BORG (or maybe Star Trek-TMP 1) called us 'AN INFESTATION' on this planet and a source of pain and cruelty to all animal life forms.

    i can see why devoted religious people call on Christ to return soon. but i have to now ask (at my age) is there even such a being that allows so many 'unseen' cruel acts go on and that 'god' does Nothing???

    the very few savage acts we as humans do see witness; what bare percentage rise up a moments thought? Let alone attempt - to do anything about it- Our Wise GOP lawmakers protecting big business have recently outlawed uncover video making of acts of cruelty- this speaks volumes as to the tone and our future as serfs under them as well. "Corporations are EVIL PEOPLE TOO, My Friend"

    My heart is crushed from the human cruelty to one another and to animals and earth. i say fuck humans and let the New-bio-lab release that killer virus on us. a God will Not spare any of us from that man made plan either.