Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Patriot Act, Freedom, Politics; and- is staying alive more important THAN ANYTHING!?

Remember the Patriot Act?
Your rights:

it seems to me that people are being TAUGHT or urged to believe that staying alive is the most important thing.
I have never believed that.

This story chills me:

A school district in Jacksonville, Fla., said Friday it will review and investigate what happened after a father charged that his fourth-grade son was instructed to write that he was willing to give up some of [his] constitutional rights” as part of a classroom activity.

A local attorney taught a lesson about the Constitution to fourth-grade students at Cedar Hills Elementary School in January. Last week, Aaron Harvey found a crayon-written paper that had been in his son’s backpack that read, “I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.” Harvey’s son told him that his teacher, Cheryl Sabb, had instructed some students to write the sentence after the lesson was over.

The lesson taught by the attorney was part of Justice Teaching, a program started by former Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice R. Fred Lewis that puts legal professionals in Florida schools to teach about the American legal system and the Constitution.

“The Justice Teaching activity on constitutional rights that was conducted at Cedar Hills Elementary School is consistent with our efforts to broaden civics-based education and develop critical thinking skills among our students,” Dr. Nikolai P. Vitti, superintendent of Duval County Public Schools, said in a statement to TheBlaze. “The lesson builds awareness of First Amendment rights through a partnership with an association of local attorneys. Our possible concern rests with a follow-up activity that may have been conducted after the lesson.
 A review and investigation will occur to determine the facts of that assignment.”

BY THE WAY, when your children are not "your children" but belong to the state, this is what happens:

i would like to hear your thoughts on this?! (email if you don't want to comment)

My concerns are based on
-politicians are not to be trusted.
-rights given away for Good Intentions are still lost
-history has lessons!!
-stated reasons for doing things are often not the utilitarian reality later on
-i do prefer less government; in my younger days so did all my friends. I wonder why that changed??
It seems like the clarion calls for Freedom, Stay out of my business, etc. has been coopted in the name of keeping us "safe" alive and "healthy".

e.g., requiring helmets; no Big sodas, etc. --
i don't like the trend, going on for some time, and even though these two examples may be small things they are the trend. (not the focus of this blog, i know, nonetheless...)

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