Tuesday, November 26, 2013

comet ISON-- Where is NASA?

As my friend says,

"I got a kick outta spaceweather.com this week. There's 4, now 5, comets up in the sky that are visible with modest equipment, one of them visible to the naked eye. But spaceweather.com (the mouthpiece of NASA) is telling everybody, "Don't look over there at that comet ISON by the planet Mercury, well they're not saying it's by the planet Mercury, uh, they're ignoring that completely. But they're saying, "Look up at this comet Lovejoy, it's by the North Pole..."

"NASA, even on it's official comet ISON webpage, is only posting amateur photos. Where are all the NASA photos, over 60 NASA telescopes and instruments trained on comet ISON, and NASA is posting amateur photos."
 "Gee NASA I don't buy it. Nobody else does out there either. Where is the data from the good equipment that we're paying for, the spectrum, the spectral analysis with the good equipment? Where are the photos form the Hubble space telescope of comet ISON showing its sunward spike? None of these amateur photos show any detail, in fact, they track the stars not the comet, so you see these fuzzy out of focus picture of the comet.

"Oh, it's just disgusting. The criminal aspect of what's going on. The hiding of data, and the scientists that are partaking in this... It's, uh, really disgusting."

anyway, if you are interested, check out these:

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