Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sentence for Gang Rape? Cut some grass...

The gang rape of a 16-year-old Kenyan schoolgirl — and the lack of punishment given to the alleged rapists — has sparked outrage in the country and beyond.

The attack was so violent it left the girl in a wheelchair with a severe back injury.
 She identified some of her attackers, who police apprehended — only to let go after they were ordered to cut the lawn at the police station.

Several hundred marchers stopped traffic on Nairobi's Central Kenyatta Street on Thursday morning, carrying cardboard boxes representing the more than 1.2 million online signatures on a petition called "Justice for Liz." Liz is a pseudonym for the victim, who lives in Busia County.
Ngozi Nwosu, an activist from Nigeria joining the march, says she was struck by how many Kenyan men were marching.
"There are men joining women to speak against rape," she says. "In Nigeria, women are most likely [to] stand alone. Kenya is doing well in terms of standing up against injustice."
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"...She was beaten, gang raped and dumped in a pit latrine. But when she identified three of her attackers to the police, their only punishment was to cut grass around the police station.

That, says Abdulmelik, "emboldens others to also rape."

The case lay idle for months. Liz's mother had to lease the family farm to afford the hospital. Then a newspaper reporter picked up the story; the activism that followed showcased a Kenya that is increasingly wired and middle class. Kenyans used Twitter and Facebook to bring media attention to the case. Ordinary Kenyans donated thousands of dollars through mobile money-transfer campaigns to pay for Liz's care.

Doctors say Liz will be able to walk again next month, thanks to back surgery. That's not enough, though, says Saida Ali, executive director of the Kenya-based Coalition on Violence Against Women..."


  1. Ok, I'm usually the one on this blog from time to time, talking about mens issues and false rape accusations, but after reading this I have to say: THIS IS SICK!!!

    The evidence is so conclusive, you couldn't get a better case to prosecute, investigation in this, should be a breeze, and all they got was cutting grass? I hope the grass was infested was tall and infested with poisonous snakes....Just sick...

  2. as you dive in you find case after case after case like this all over the world
    perhaps false accusations are part of the Rising culture of violence

  3. @katy: I believe your correct. But here in the U.S. and Europe, because of the sensitivity and horrific nature of rape, I feel that we are taking a better safe then sorry approach, to make the reporting easier, coupled with the fact of Anonminity of the accuser, and the accused being publically indentified, some women (not the majority mind you) will use false accusations as a weapon against somebody..Especially against men. I agree with you it IS a part of the rising culture.
    I used to think that you were just another gyncentric feminist and would ignore men's issues. I am glad to see that I am wrong, and I would like to apologize to you for it.

  4. last sentence of the 2nd paragraph should read: I agree with you it IS a part of the rising culture of violence".

  5. What is not being mentioned is that rape that does not have all the obvious evidence is still rape and the hurt that comes form being assaulted by a boyfreind or so called friend still hurts. And these dont go to court and these guys do this to women over and over again.

  6. Thank you for sharing these comments. Silenced, you are correct and there is no getting around it.
    Anonymous I appreciate the change of heart. I did not plan this part of my career; to be so entwined with the dynamics of rape. The facts and the counseling anx topic generally is very sad.