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Does a Parent Not Care About Their Child? (NCIS Anonymous Was a Woman)

It is the turn-- again, still-- of Afghan girls and women to endure as victim souls as
a witness to the world that

a. nothing's changed
b. the earth is filled with great and pervasive evil; A part of a species gains great pleasure by the grinding and degrading of those others of its own tribe!!!?
c. the world [and the Fabulous who rule it] apparently has no physical power or the will/desire to end the thuggish, carnal, torture of a certain subset of the species.
d. Congo..  .  Somalia..  ..Egypt..   ..Afghanistan
E. Some of the above
F. Continue o through Z.

There is an NCIS episode (Anonymous Was a Woman) which highlighted albeit necessarily sugarcoated the issue--

The issue is the treatment of girls and women and often boys too as chattel, as worse than chattel, by the men in power in afghanistan
marrying away your 9 or 10 year-\old to a battering raping old man to settle feuds
a 9 year old (being raped by an adult  male) is guilty of adultery
"We ... will kill you in such a harsh way that no woman have so far been killed in that manner..." 
JAILED Afghan rape victim freed but TO MARRY Attacker. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has pardoned a rape victim who was jailed for adultery... Facing Death, Afghan Girl Runs To U.S. Military
In a remote part of Afghanistan
 early last year, a girl was sentenced to death. Her crime was possession of a cellphone. Her executioners were to be her brothers. They suspected her of talking on the phone with a boy. ..

Read more about this HERE

On PBS newshour tonight was a focus on the issue
which was heartbreaking, disgusting, and
provoking one ever closer to the edge
 that it is time to
stop the stupid stuff and start looking at the globe to find out where one should be working, helping, focusing...

There was a video of a group of women in a shelter,
[where they escaped to after
a. being Married off at age 10 to a sadistic brute or
b. escaping a raping father or uncle or brother
c. after being raped and therefore guilty of adultery and deserving death...

One woman says she could have asked her father why didn't he simply murder her and bury her in the garden rather than marry her off to a beating, abusive man...30-40 years her senior..

One very young sweet graceful woman
sobbing calmly

wondering aloud, in considering the harsh, tortuous, enslavement type situation her father had sold her off into...
She asks,
Doesn't a parent want their own child to be happy?
 Doesn't a parent care about their child??
she said tears streaming
that her own parent would allow---initiate! her movement into hell...

stories, videos, pictures HERE

"Soheila tells her story in the documentary “To Kill a Sparrow,” produced by theCenter for Investigative Reporting. The PBS NewsHour will air an excerpt on Friday..."


It was surreal when PBS's judy woodruff said to david brooks and mark schields, following this most horrifying and filthy and heartbreaking story:
well, that was hard to watch, SO__ HOW 'bout them congressfolk?!

and swiftly moved into the budget stinkburger without a WORD about the inanely large issue about the state of the planet we had just been smacked and gutted with...

yes the trickle down effects of politics is easily must be suppressed

tbtw and their long and short term moves on the chessboard allows a more cynical than thou attitude

well pass the dip please.

more HERE

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