Thursday, January 1, 2015

the world

From a simple glance at the daily " news".

this is our stuff?

These are our laughs??

This is insanity.

This is a slice of a freakshow circus media.

click to view large and read, you sick twisted freak.

1. how shall we war?  )answer: expand {hypocritical} footprint)

2. Giant Prison Brawl!

3. Marriage!

4. Sick, evil, torture of pets. Too Much Sadness
5. Corrupt Greedy Public "Servants"    (grin)
6. Buttocks enhancement/death/you dont wanna know the rest...but it involves like a gallon of something...

and then, there are our sunday funnies.

Cartoons like these could get people upset, hmmmm?

no wonder i stay in the garden

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