Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Superbowl, Cheating in the NFL, and the Adoration of the Magi c Sport

I know it is unnecessary to rail against evil. My task is to walk humbly, love the good and almighty God, spread love.

But then,  i am a weenie.

The post just under this one was resurrected just in time for the superbowls. The big one and the women in lingerie one and the one with puppies. Everybody want$ into the act...

I am sad and glad as i see my life change. Remember how fun it was! We would drink much and eat wonderful ribs and laugh, we were fine and we even looked ourselves? To those already in the know, we must have appeared blind and foolish, absolutely awash in Mayan deceits, hurtling toward oblivion...

The money and power of football have now been thoroughly appreciated, investigated, co-opted, and aggrandized.

I didn't have to try to give up football, 
like giving up corporate beef or tortured chickens
shampoo that has been tested on animals and damn but Calvin Klien does make the bestest bras!

Football fell away,
one scandal, one rape at a time.

i look at the whole debacle and remember when these players were some sort of brotherhood of athletes as examples for children.

The halftime show is now aluciferian delight, a graven invitation for satan to invade us.

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