Friday, February 4, 2011

Superbowl's Superbeau Riche Suffer in Dallas' 5 Inches of Snow; Wildcat Jordy Nelson Helps Out the Pack

The super rich in Dallas are suffering. Indeed, the Superbowl riche throughout the nation are being taxed almost beyond the bearing of it.
The 5 inch snow causing havoc among the superbeau nouveau is truly sad, The Superbowl, our annual Wild
and/or Woolly Baccanalia
for an entire third of the country
is like an antieaster for the Football Faithful. One thousand dollars ($1000.00 to park!)
It does not matter how thug-infested, criminalized, superficial, sexualized, commercialized, or ridiculous the TV Junk Food Beer Bar Football-shaped Cake Day becomes--

But i digress.
The snow in Dallas is RUINING the wardrobe plans many had made for the day.
Jimmy choos in the snow?
I doun think so.
The City

 is suffering in knowing that they may not be able to lay out
the best spread
for their guests,
also heard as
Give me Back my  &^%# Electricity.

Jordy Nelson wildcat and packer interview below

Police (victim's) report
Where is K-State football going?

 HERE is our Wildcat Jordy Nelson in the Big Game (collegian article)
More Jordy Interview below.

Packers to beat the Steelers

Score:  34   to  28

Yay! we're playing Playing for  milllions!

Catching up with Jordy Nelson:
Jordy Nelson was a wide receiver on the Wildcat football team from 2005-07. He arrived at K-State as a walk-on defensive back in 2003 but moved to receiver prior to the 2005-06 season. The 2007 consensus All-American set 11 school records during his senior campaign. He was selected by the Green Bay Packers in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft. Nelson recently sat down with the Collegian to discuss a variety of topics, including making the adjustment to professional football.

Q: After seeing the game up close for a couple years, what's the biggest difference between Big 12 and NFL football?
A: I think the biggest difference is there's no drop-off. Week in and week out, teams are good at a high level. I think playing in the Big 12 prepares you well. The speed of the game, I don't think it's that much different. The physicality of the game's not much different. A lot of the guys who play in the Big 12 will be going to the NFL. All the way across the board, the competition level is very high and obviously, the season is long. It still goes fast. It doesn't seem like it's 16 weeks long. Once you get through training camp, it goes fast.

Q: How did it feel to play in your first playoff game?
A: It was crazy, especially the one we played in. Obviously, one of the most points - if not the most points - scored in a game. The atmosphere is amazing. Just the energy level on the field. That's when you notice the speed of the game. It steps up. It's crazy how it does that, but in the playoffs, it's a whole other notch, a whole other game.

Q: What is it like to play at a historic venue like Lambeau Field?
A: It's one of those things that you'll look back on and realize that you got to do. We're spoiled. I mean, we go there every day and get the opportunity to play for that organization. Not being anywhere else, you don't know what you have. Talking to some guys that have come in from other teams, they've said "you don't know how lucky you have it." The coaches take care of you, the facilities, the fans, it's just one of those things. You try not to take it for granted, but it's hard.

Q: I know it's only been a couple years, but do you have a favorite moment so far?

A: I would have to say my first touchdown at Lambeau. It's close between that one and my first one ever. Just being able to get to do that Lambeau Leap. It's the best thing about being there. All the celebration goes out the window and you just have to jump. I don't have to dance or anything, which would be embarrassing. You get mauled and people have to pull you down because the fans won't let you go, but it's a good time. Obviously, it's one way that we're able to relate to the fans that no one else in the NFL can.
Q: Do you get much of a chance to follow K-State during the season?

A: Yeah, I try as much as I can. I had Sean Snyder send me every game film. He sent me DVDs so I could watch them. Of course, up in Wisconsin, I get to enjoy more Big Ten football than Big 12 football, so it's not the most enjoyable thing. He would send me those up and I would watch them, and I think they're improving. They had a good first year and I'm sure they're working plenty hard right now.
Q: What do you think about Bill Snyder being back?
A: I was excited. Obviously, what he did for the program when he first came and didn't leave on terms that he wanted to. We started dropping off, so I think it's good to have him back. Hopefully, he can get us back to where it was and get us back toward the front.
-Compiled by Justin Nutter


  1. well now who is it that is following up THE FREAKIN WHO for halftime??? Led zeppelin? Stones reunion?
    wait what?

  2. The superbowl isn't all bad. Sometimes there are lingerie games at halftime. Imagine the Refrigerator in a garter. OH YEAH. Gg

  3. K-State puts out good talent. Jordy Nelson is going to Nicaragua for mission work right after the superbowl.

  4. Hey anonymous: Ten will get you twenty that you get chills at opening of the game during the national anthem. Bet on it. Learn what a real voice sounds like/