Friday, February 11, 2011

Rescued Barred Owl Goes to KSU Vet Med; Sweetest Owls

Along the Zeandale Road
 is a curvy area that wreaks havoc with radio signals and birds in flight.
I don't know what it is. There are hills there, and some deep crevices. For the second time in 7 years, i came upon a very large owl in the road. The first time, it was the biggest owl i had ever seen. It was sitting in the middle of the road, hunched over, and i drew a breath and picked it up. It sat on my lap as i drove the truck (stick shift) into town. The vets at KSU veterinary school told me it had sustained sight damage and after treatment was eventually released at an aviary near Milford Lake.
It was docile in my arms. The shock wears off.  It began to grab with great strength the arm of the man who took it from me.
absolutely STUNNING
slo-mo owl video here (45 seconds)

This second time was tonight. I saw what looked like a Very Large bird--
dead in the middle of the road,
 one wing splayed up into the air.
 I stopped the truck, and saw movement. i drew a breath, said a prayer, and picked up the bird. it was alive and nestled into my arms. I got into the truck and drove home (12 miles). As i drove, it came out of stupor. Its huge head turned round and round. it looked right into my eyes, less than 10 inches away. My nice sunglasses looked like its beautiful dark shiny eyes. I coo and purr. It arches its wings. i hope it is OK! I want to open the window and it will fly away! A mile from home, it begins to want out of the truck.
Yes, good. But at home, It tries to fly and shows a broken wing. Wobbles. Sits. Leans. 
A Barred Owl? HERE

 After a few minutes, Turn the truck around, drive back into town with the bird in the Pet Cage.

The good folks at KSU Vet Med are as taken with the Beauty Raptor as i am. They take it, using a "safe hold" out of the cage, and i will call later to find out whether this bird will live, live free, or need support due to damage.
While i was rescuing the bird up from the middle of a not-very-busy country road, a driver sped by from the other direction, (over the limit) and seemed irritated, as if the bird on the yellow line and me in the right lane were bothering him in the left lane.
 {well, i jes dont like the Sudden change} heh
On a road where farm equipment lurches along, where folks brake for cats and squirrels.
ok chill mary.[ maybe his feelings were hurt from the thought of the injured raptor. Sorry. stop being so judgey! maybe he was constip never mind 

At KSU Vet Med: The wonderful Receiver Person at the front desk, emergency reception, was just right. The Back-up records scientist Person behind her was also Perfect nice sweet all were cheerful and nice and smart and curious  then the Student S comes up. Competent and informative. The Bird is beautiful, and they see it for the lovely Life that It is. How nice of them all to devote their intellects and energies to help the Animals. That and being a rock star-- why not?

nobody gets hurt, See?
everybody stays cool, See?
Click on pic to enlarge.
more beautiful pics of owls here:

from google images: sweetest owls more to come

sweetest owls

 clixk on pic to enlarge

 The next three pics from HERE
are from an amazing website; if you like looking at fabulous photos, check it out. Holy Moley

several stunning owl pictures there, among other things.

Reacting to a toy bat? i think i found
 photographer info  for this pic HERE

Here is a good bird pic site, with this barred owl:

There is a picture of a barred owl, killed on the road, at
and--it does not look as as bad as
the way i found the rescued
owl above.
So, have hope and check out with tenderness what you might find on the road.
careful, it is a sad pic,
has the actual story and pic of a barred owl in the road,
 that looked dead but was not,
then the non-stopping traffic ended its life..

Thank you, K-State Vet School, for having a good Samaritan program.

and here is the very rare, Owlcat.

More bireds in my very Yard!

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