Monday, February 28, 2011

Rohypnol and Other Signs of Selfish Weakness

Date Rape Drugs: a phrase that summarizes the grotesque violation of trust that women and girls are dealing with. Find out about Drug Assisted Rape HERE.
When a woman loses control of her body,
her thought processes, her very memory,
the trauma is a unique trauma, with different issues encountered than for those who were conscious or those who did not know the attacker.
All types of rape have varying traumas, so,
Please do not become concerned if you have "symptoms" or problems somewhat different from the lists you might read as typical.

Here is a stunning picture painted by a K-State student.

I am putting it here in very small form; The artist has given us permission to put a larger version in our PURPLE CRIED books. ( HERE and HERE)

Thank you for caring.

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