Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wildcats Basketball: All Is Forgiven (What does Bill Self Say?)

“Let’s call it like it is: That was a beatdown. I thought they controlled the game from the opening tip. We were on our heels.” So says Bill Self after the energetic game in Bramlege last night.
Yikes! Snorkel cat!
More Self  HERE (Jayhawks-rise-no-1-fall-hard-cats)
HERE is the K-State Collegian Article (Knocking off second No. 1 Team)

Kansas State University Basketball Players Pat Down Pullen 
K-State senior guard Jacob Pullen (0) is crowded by his teammates during the final seconds of the second half of K-State’s matchup against Kansas in Bramlage Coliseum, Feb. 14. Pullen scored 38 points. The Wildcats defeated the Jayhawks 84-68 picture by Jonathan Knight
 From the Collegian: "From the very beginning of the game, the Wildcats went strong to the basket. The forwards played like they had nothing to fear against Marcus and Markieff Morris, one of the most dangerous tandems in the country. K-State's audacity paid off, as the team had drawn two fouls each from Marcus and Markieff only halfway through the first half.
Due in part to the foul trouble but also to the Wildcats' smothering defense, the dynamic duo suffered greatly; Marcus had 10 points but only a single rebound in the first half, and his brother had none of either. Together, they would end up with 16 points and three rebounds, far below what they usually contribute."
Go Cats.
Have you ever been to Bramlege: HERE and HERE a coupla videos of pullen and wildcats at previous games
Kstate fans HERE

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