Monday, February 20, 2012

Forcing the Violation of Conscience, Respect for Life, and Rights, Utopia, and Freedom (part 2)

(The Case for Life as a Mystical Scared Unfathomable Gift.) Part II
Leapin' Lizards and hotsmokin' Valley of Josaphat. Can you say 1984? Or is it 2012?
There are
Tiny Little Machines   (huge inside)
that record everything you do,
          look at,
                    text tweet
                                  and have.

like this pause

--part one here.

But did you really think the government would make the decision that lipids are bad, latex is good, and begin to take charge of your children while you were still alive?

condoms for children
I want to explore why the recent move towards getting rid of the superstitious, dreamy, mystically stuff like religion is so important to some.
but first:
it's happy hour............
ok .I'm coming back here to put forth the idea of why some consider life
to be Sacred.

The Case for Life as a Mystical Scared Unfathomable Gift:

Ask yourself, why the big debate over abortion? If you are 'only' 25 years old, that question evokes a COMPLETELY different set of neuron firings than if you are 50 or 70.

It is impossible to argue or discuss issues unless one is willing to listen;
one wants to understand;
one is not focused on persuading the other but in
expanding understanding.
Like, Margaret Meade was not trying to make the villagers buy a dishwasher to scald the bacteria off the plates.
(Although in the case of throwing babies into volcanos, perhaps a quick diversion might be attempted...)

If one is a practicing Buddhist, or was raised a practicing Catholic, or studied many of the major and minor religions,
Life is a concept of wonder  to  ponder  respect  poetecize  value.
[In fact, if one studies the Values associated with Life, it becomes even more complicated (part III)]
But for now,
Just consider Life.
Meditate on Life.
and here is a little film to assist
embedded is the preview. The last 5 minutes of the film itself struck The Life in my very core.

OK so watch the whole show, then come back.

The Himalayas.

Watch The Himalayas - Preview on PBS. See more from Nature.

Can you be forced to violate your conscience regarding issues of life? 
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