Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Trade Winds Mark-Almond, A Small Beautiful Globe

Thinking of the astronomical (no pun intended) chances of Earth Being; the ancient Trade Winds; (travellers and explorers who found them, rode them); the Whales who surf the currents around this blue planet; the heartbreaking wonder of Bird migration; the impossibility of Butterfly migration; the need for us each to have a fellow traveler say "let me take you away .."

Here is the most beautiful song. I only have it on [the very rare1976 album, "To The Heart." Jon Mark and Johnny Almond met in the 60's when they played together in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers.] - I need to get it onto a disc somehow.

When i listen to it 7 times in a row i become desirous/nostaligic/depressed/withdrawn/searching/elevated.

i don't knowif icanwrite aboutrapeanymore

Oceans and turtles and beauty

Blues and Skies

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