Friday, May 4, 2012

A (Blind) Chinese Man Asks for Help (and Rest)

The Russians did it. The ballet dancers did it. I hear there are people in cuba who floated old cars on inflated tires to make it to safety.  It was the coolest thing EVER in the movies. Escape from Communist torture! Make it to the Embassy...the American Embassy!!

Why are we letting a Blind guy who escapes, swims a river, makes it to THE EMBASSY
hang out to dry??? (He is labled a dissident in China becasue he is against the forced abortions of One-Child Policy in china)

from m. alexander:
..."AS REVEALED BY THE WORK OF CHEN GUANGCHENG, CHINA’S ONE-CHILD POLICY IS A HORROR SHOW “His 2005 investigation reported 130,000 forced abortions and sterilizations that year in the city of Linyi alone. Building a case to sue local officials, Chen interviewed women about their harrowing experiences; summaries of 14 of his interviews are posted on the website of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.
“Zhongxia Fang’s story began with a third pregnancy after giving birth to two daughters, despite an IUD implanted by Family Planning officials. While she sought to evade authorities, they systematically harassed 22 of her relatives – including her pregnant sister, a relative over 70 and several children – with fines, detainment and beatings.
“When the authorities threatened to beat her aunt to death, Zhongxia turned herself in. She was seven months’ pregnant. Officials injected her with an oxytocic drug and her baby was aborted the next day. Then they performed a ligation to sterilize Zhongxia. Only then was her aunt freed.
“Ping Liu testified before Congress last September about undergoing five forced abortions. The factory at which she worked, staffed mainly by women of childbearing age, strictly imposed the One-Child Policy and used collective punishment to enforce it. Fellow workers reported two of her pregnancies.
“To prove they weren’t pregnant, the factory’s female employees had to go to the ‘birth planning doctor’ once a month. Only then would they get paid for their work.” [Jennifer A. Marshall, McClatchy News Service, May 14]


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