Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birdsongs and Hollyhocks in Kansas Wind to Cleanse Your Mind

Holy Smokes! Naked cannibals and corruption in government, wolves in sheep's clothing-- and child pornography is now the newest biggest addiction.
Better move to Flyover Country and get a little piece of earth. Here are two videos to cleanse the mental palate:
The first is moderate wind on the Kansas farm. Without headphones or loud stereo speakers, how did the prairie women manage? 
The second video is calmer and the Birds came out to sing! Loud!

click on the YOUTUBE name on bottom right to view large

These roses were planted by the owner of the house over a half century ago...


  1. Playing both videos at once is nice too. I've always wanted a yellow house.

  2. Gives a person a good idea of the flavor of Kansas.
    ps I painted the downstairs bathroom yellow for ya...