Friday, June 1, 2012

A One-Horned Goat for the Hobbit? New Zealand has more than rugby...

My brother found the Amazing goat which will "star" in The Hobbit, while in New Zealand for a little Rugby (Rugby World Cup in Sept 2011, New Plymouth, Taranaki).

These pictures were taken as he--the goat--grazed in what amounts to a grassy median, as roads have been built around the little house his owner lives in.

  Here is a story about Geordie:   "...He lost the other horn after butting a gate many years ago.  ...Geordie was being leased out for the movie for "a few dollars", which would cover lawnmowing costs in the goat's absence.  Rod said he would consider asking for three tickets to the movie premiere – for himself, his wife and Geordie..'He's done a bit of damage to my truck by headbutting it. He's a laugh a minute,' says owner Rod Field about Geordie the goat.. ."

Geordi the NewZealand, One-horned goat to star in The Hobbit!
What a mug!!! (remind you of anyone??)


Rugby Cheerleaders are totally Buff!

You should see the gate i butted:  from


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