Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Capital Murder Trial of Luis Aguirre: Day Three

Intense morning light streams through the wooden slats of Judge Wilson's courtroom. The Kansas State flag is illuminated as if it's on fire and stripes of bright white light are painted on the Judge's black robe and the side of his face as he watches the testimony displayed on the computer before him. A final interview with the accused is being videoplayed for the jury. The jury watches a large flatscreen TV set up about 10 feet in front of them. Those of us in the courtroom listen to the interview but are unable to view the screen.

The defendant is being interviewed again; the detectives now know that Luis Aguirre in fact drove from Kansas to Chicago and picked up Tanya Maldonado from the Olive Branch Mission where she had been staying.
As the detectives present information to the accused that contradicts his previous statements, he calmly, sincerely changes his story yet again. This is a hallmark of individuals with high levels of the trait of sociopathy.
Facts are woven with lies to make a story seem plausible. When confronted with new facts, these individuals sometimes act a bit insulted or perhaps contrite as they explain why they "had" to lie about that one point.

The detectives are now obtaining detailed information about the trip to and from Ogden: addresses, clothing, rest stops, tollbooths. The young Tanya had one bag of clothes, no money, and a diaper bag for Juan when the accused took her from Chicago--according to the accused. He wants nothing more to do with her, he says, but takes her from her home and to Ogden, where she and her son both die that same day.
He-- who has been avoiding her and his son-- takes them away from her family, those who support her, those who love her, the Mission, and convinces her to come to Ogden Kansas.
Luis Aguirre speaks in this new version
with the same voice he used in the older versions: as when he told the story that she was brought to Kansas by an unknown man in a tan Ford; spoke in the same voice as when he stated she had never been in Kansas at all.
He speaks now, telling a new version of how Tanya died, in the same voice as he told earlier versions of how she died. He speaks softly, evenly. He speaks, casually, with little details--like a man telling the truth, trying to be helpful, will speak. But too many versions teach us that one may be a fool to believe this version, or any version. He speaks of how he slips on the wet floor of the Ogden kitchen, how she also slips, how they scuffle, how he covers her mouth as she cries "help" and "rape"--how he "freaks out" that she is not breathing and so checks on his son, tucking him in too tightly..
 but why repeat these details, which have only one source: a proven liar.
The detectives move on to discuss the gravesite.
God knows the truth.
I want to hear less of this defendant's words, and more about the two young people, mother and son, now in the hands of God. The two young people stolen from those who loved them.

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The afternoon session included two witnesses from the Olive Branch Mission in Chicago. As the first witness was asked if she knew Tanya Maldonado, she broke down and cried. It was heartbreaking to see her pain as she identified Juan Maldonado from a picture of him.
More later on this; however, listening to the these two women made me want to go work there immediately. I appreciate so much the amazing work people do to truly help others. Check out this USA Today story re the Mission: and more click HERE

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Juan Maldonado

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