Saturday, June 30, 2012

Voter ID Laws- why the fuss?

I guess I'm missing something. I really want you to educate me. I have lived in four major cities and worked with homeless/mentally ill/disadvantaged populations. Everyone i knew had a photo ID.
 One cannot get food stamps, assistance checks, medical help without one. One cannot get ANYTHING without a photo ID.

Everyone i know has an ID. pharmacy, beer, drving, flying, smokes, writing checks, little cigarrillos--cashing  checks--Everyone.
Why is the argument made that 1) this will Disenfranchise poor voters, and 2) people who want to make sure voter rolls are correct are evil or agenda-driven?

Really, what am i missing?
In fact, when i first started hearing about the issue I felt a little troubled, then ticked off --that people assume that the poor or mentally ill (or really!? people of a certain race!) are too what--Feeble? WEAK? to be like the "REST OF US" ??
That seems really patronizing to me.

so someone tell me what i am missing. srysly. i am not arguing, i am asking.

One arguing view HERE

another arguing view here

Can't we all just get along???


  1. People just like to complain is probably the reason.

  2. Well Blackcat i know you are right on that one. Some people get their joy in life from their complaining, i have come to realize.
    I read your profile; here is a post for you: