Thursday, June 7, 2012

Democrats Push for Christian Values-based Government; Republicans Push for the Freedom to Sin

I've had a thought rattling around for a couple days after a few conversations at the metaphorical french sidewalk cafe... I will post the thought and elucidate later...
It seems of late that those politicians on the democrat side of the isle are simply pushing for Christian principles to be enacted by our government.
Although it is selective, our President and his aides have repeatedly stated that we should put into action the teachings of Jesus Christ though government regulation/policy. The case for care of widows and orphans, programs for the poor, and other proposals are justified recently through invoking their Christian faith and beliefs, quoting the Gospels and appealing to our very common culture in America (of the Judeo-Christian root).
Even "nannyism" is just good sober parenting, and those who would be greedy are asked, "How much money do you really need?"
On the other hand, the republican politicians are fighting tooth and nail for the right, apparently, to sin. They say, "You do not have the right to keep me from being greedy!" And if i do not want my money to be used to help the poor, the orphaned, the widow--who are YOU to MAKE me do it?! In the name of being "good"--based on your Christian principles?    If i want to eat too much fat, drink too much cola, well, is that not a constitutional right? The country was formed to allow me this uncharitable attitude and behavior."
 ...And although the Founding Fathers may have been (largely) practicing Christians, that has nothing to do with the structure of a government designed to allow the greatest amount of freedom possible. (So congress can make no law respecting an establishment of religion...)

so, when i step back to look at all the anger and the recent incivility, one conflict seems to be the exact opposite from the conventional wisdom!
Civil liberties issues.

yeah yeah, i know,

i cant help it.

i have to ponder what issues this pattern holds true but in reverse...


  1. No species has ever been as fascinated with its fellow creatures as human beings. We have hunted animals, eaten them, raised them, bred them, domesticated them, drawn them, composed songs and poetry about them, and loved them for millennia.

  2. (although i wonder you would post a spamcomment on the one post it is actually NOT appropo) the same is true about our interest/fascination for plants. and literature, and our own selves, etc. The wonder of a conscious being? the awareness of little gods? a free soul not entirely focused on the earthly tasks of eating, sheltering, teaching?