Sunday, May 27, 2012

Steve Fansler Band blues, Barbeque, and Biker Beauties at Cox Brothers in the Kansa Wind

Like Blues? (serious guitar) BarbeQue, the Kansa wind, and good company? You shoulda been at Cox Brothers BBQ in Junction City last night for the Steve Fansler Band--
steve fansler on guitar
There was a a fundraiser for kids with autism. Every dang time i turn around those two Cox Brothers are helping someone with a fundraiser...

I usually go to Coco Bolos (also from the two Cox boys) for good food and service,
 but when the need for Barbecue hits, Cox Brothers is the way to go. Good enough to make a preacher cuss...
Although last night i was sitting outside and two of the videos below have low quality sound, you can get the jist of the great music. "Superstition" is a little better, i moved inside.

A couple of wild kids among a group of motorcycle enthusiasts had just gotten married and joined the crowd.

Kelsey and Johnny were lovers...

One thing about the Cox Brothers is, you will find their food at many worthy events. They add to the community in a lot of ways. (good dogs)--
The band was supertight, very loose, happy talented and entertaining.

Give me some more of everything, please.

The Tallgrass Girl was there! in the Kansa wind.

Holy Smokes how did i land this fine fish?

so you can hear more from the band here:
and learn more about BBQ here:

OK, here are the videos i grabbed---
first, a little shortie of the singer who started out the second set: wow. the arrival of the wedding party: a nice guitar opening

Here is "superstition" full length. the other videos may be shorter than this one...

born to be wild:

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