Thursday, August 9, 2012

Restaurants in Manhattan Kansas: Noodles and Company!

Eight K-Staters were extremely happy after the tour de force of Noodles and Company's AMAZING array of delicious choices.
 Too many choices, [whether you are a vegetarian, meat eater, meat lover, salad
aficionado, or international flavor monger] was our only complaint.

 Plus, they serve Grapefruit Izzy!
The manager, Victoria was very knowledgeable and professional but made everyone in our office feel at home and at ease in eating everything in sight.
We went as a group
and were served a variety of salads, noodle dishes, and dessert too.
We loved the Mediterranean style entrees, the peanut sauced Chinese offerings, the truffle cheese noodles, and the chicken with a red sauce that was good enough to make a preacher cuss.

 We Did Good!

 Victoria told us about the nutrition and freshness of the food as well as how fast she could get another round on the table...
Our stomachs were happy. We decided to eat here every week.

You can call the manager and get a special deal to introduce your small office group to the menu.
If you are a K-State fan, and come into town before games, right at the Big Intersection
with the new round-a-bout is Noodles-- [by HyVee].

Can we come to Noodles everyday?

I am your beautiful, fabulous waitress.
How can i help?

See the menu HERE

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