Thursday, August 9, 2012

Black man beats white woman, Romney kills woman, (I didn't even know allen west was a boxer...)

I am getting really angry. It is embarrassing for everyone.  Pushing granny off a cliff is so last year. And the new civility after Jared Loughner-- yer kiddin me right? The democrat party is shoving its members off the decency ship. Now there is this:

"Too Far? New Attack Ad Targeting Allen West Depicts Him Beating Women
Florida's Allen West (R-FL) is depicted punching an old woman, a young lady and seemingly a family with children. He also steals cash from the hands of the family and pockets it, all while laughing like a gremlin.The ad is starting to garner attention from critics, including one who thinks there are some racial undertones. Javier Manjarres says, more HERE
After THIS about romney killing a woman and also THIS who is not embarrassed?!

four pinnochios

It's just too much.

here: the new-civility-kill-those-you-disagree with

you tell me why
  THESE PICS come up on google right away.

cant we all just get along...

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