Monday, December 17, 2012

The advent of meds and shootings

Psychiatric meds help a lot of folks. I am for the research and application of good science when it comes to meds.
However, they are being thrown on young people.
They are being overused;
rather than teach our children self-control and delay of gratification we feed them chemical junk, have them watch a strange cathode ray projector straight into the brain for hours on end, teach no discipline skills, and then wonder why they are not "acting right"?

Here is an interesting take.

and more here: violence on meds

Here is a complete chart of killings and 
mass killings and the relation to meds:   CHART


  1. MarysBeGoodDog: that chart is a GOOD START! it should show what 'mainstream' psychpharm antidepressants have done -in general- in just the past decade alone -IF anyone understands . "Zoloft,PAXIL,Prozac..etc" all more dangerous than helpful EVEN IF it made NO ONE kill someone!!!! EVEN IF! Great link. remember as these drugs errupted in early and mid 1990's! and were handed out like CANDY from OVER Eager uninformed doctors and Psychiatrists- this is much is true- and our society wants a Single pill solution. in Summer of 1994 I was given prozac for a month and 1/2 (before i stopped it) It was clearly a ABSURD medication - even I knew a bit of melancholia was no need for a drug. it was like adding 'Super Deep Sadness' to a bit of personal stress. BUT too bad we can not find out more Public info about Military meds- for an example- look at the Story- of BOURNE LEGACY- they (his Big PHARMA secret employer) were able to do with him and kill his fellow scientists - true that is movie fiction... but I beg to differ- it is exactly the kind of shit, only more controllable than random civilian anti-depressants.

    I JUST WISH people would WAKE UP! don't just believe what TV or internet News tell you to believe

  2. Yes. Everyone wants a single simple one pill solution for everything. Quickness.. Convenience. Profit...