Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Secrets

Such sadness.
You know how you get reeeally mad and do things that you don't want to do? I've known men who hit things. Even damage their own property. Hit "loved" ones.

But i am unable to imagine a person getting so mad they gun down the tiny children.

Get into your worst head, and try to imagine committing this act of violence. Just about impossible. A I have stated before, i have worked with people who suffer from mental illnesses and this is not that. or else it is the rarest thing ever.

Police search woods after school shooting

school shotting  film and pics

update: for the latest on the troubling eveidence, see HERE and HERE 

There are some unanswered questions and patterns that have emerged that remind me of previous acts of violence. Acts that were shown later to not be what they seemed.  like this one

Conspiracy around sandy hook: watch this:  VIDEO

There are too many unknowns for media to speak with authority, yet they act as if they have answers. Then they are shown to be wrong wrong wrong.

found these thoughts here and there on the web:

2 shooters: mystery-man-in-woods-handcuffed

connection to james holmes: libor gte scandal with banking

 googling.. "who was the guy in camo pants in the woods behind the school?"

There was a few interesting things on that search...

 things aren't adding up


State Police confirm that one shooter is dead. A second gunman is apparently at large.

Saw this in several places: "A second gunman is apparently at large."

State Police confirm that one shooter is dead. A second gunman is apparently at large. Car-to-car searches are underway. 

Found it here:

and here:

And is still the headline in Yahoo news. 

So is this an accident, news slip-up or were there 2 gunmen?

and this
The news got A LOT WRONG!  Whatever happened to the days of fact finding, verifying sources, integrity in reporting? Okay, again, we know the score here. But, what did they report?

here are a few I noticed-
The guns -- got that wrong
Two people dead at a house-- wrong
Mother is a K teacher at school--wrong
Mother was shot at school--wrong
Father shot--idk I haven't heard that he's dead- but I heard he was interviewed - so alive, I'm guessing. 

They reported that the shooter as the WRONG MAN-- the brother. They even put the guy's fb photo out there. They were WRONG. And now, they keep showing the image of the brother in handcuffs. Right now, CNN has a story near top that says "See Shooter's Brother in Handcuffs", and you can go watch the video ( Why do I need to see that? The guy hasn't been charged or accused of anything yet. This is the guy everyone thought was the shooter.

More later. 
The saddest part of this, that stabs my soul, is imagining the parents who waited and searched and had to come to grips with realizing their tiny one was one of the lost. The loss of a child. Pain beyond bearing. God help us.


  1. both james holmes father and this connecticut shooters father were suppose to testify in the libor banking scandal.


    The father of Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza, Peter Lanza, was the tax director for General Electric, a corporation that paid -0- taxes on 14.2 billion dollars in profits last year. According to Fabian4Liberty, Peter Lanza was scheduled to testify in the ongoing global LIBOR scandal. In what could only be described an amazing coincidence, the father of Colorado Batman shooter James Holmes, Robert Holmes, was also a LIBOR witness in his position with FICO.

  3. And.. much more if you believe CBS 60min fact corrections- the computers were "Smashed' at home. mom was in bed - executed and the kid in 10th grade 'carried a Briefcase to class' instead of BACKPACK- Oh my god- that is NOT NORMAL!(normal what?) a class mate described a 10th grade boy from what 4 years ago? that turned red in face when stand in class to read aloud-WTF! is That Not normal for huge % of kids and shy boys- and what of his alleged medical condition one couple told 60mins.? Asperger's syndrome? I am sorry but these things are all too conveniently stacking up- in fact i pondered the word in media last night "SANDY" and even the town: a location of gun lobby in that CT town and What about the en-masse Military grade true machine gun toting agents on site at the school those images will stand out- shoot i started categorizing the agencies by PANTS colors as they must do to account for whos who on their op- I am disgusted by loss of life- but the USA has never be shy on sacrifices of innocents for means to an end -
    the Theater shooting is most obvious other than 9-11 NYC false flag- the grand daddy of all. wish people would look deeper for truth - but everyone just is reacting perfectly to LETS BAN GUNS - not that i am a fan of the NRA but no one on Left is rational at all and not sure what Right is thinking - Neither of us can-or will come together - we BUY into surface of events - someone asked me on twttr if i had relative killed with gun if i would feel dif (and this WAS BEFORE "SandyHook) I do NOT think so- my knee jerk is not the same as left and media bias feeding us their agenda. I AM sorry to use your comment section to vent a little- but now i am alone with my thoughts- (no more twitter for a long while) -on what REALLLY is going on- everyone else is putting teddy bears on fences- its akin to head in sand- LETS GIVE GOV more Power over us and STUPID money GRUBBER SENATORS/Congress can't DO ITS JOB NOW!! right...!
    - no one EVER is asking about economic issues in America and how it affects persons- MAYBE the KID did do it WITHOUT the Help of Military Grade Psy-Ops pharmaceuticals- but I doubt it.

  4. MAY I ADD something- our Military veterans from MID EST war are committing fucking SUICIDE at an alarming rate EVERY DAY- NO one is UP in ARMS to help them- but when the tiny kids are slain this way we all care on a outrageous level- what about all the disgusting things happening to kids in AMERICAN right now that can't be spoken about on evening news?

    where is the outcry for veterans and current active duty military working in a hell hole that screw there life up beyond what any of us lazy pussy civilians can even grasp?!!

    1. You are welcome to vent here...
      I agree that the picking and choosing of who we will mourn publicly and nationally (and why)is strange, galling, beyond words.

      I laugh sadly as i hear the Politician say we will not have this anymore--as if we can stop evil.

      If you know about Aurora, this is insane:

    2. moar here:

  5. Thanks for letting my VENT be here (you can always delete if my 'conspiracy / distrust" is too much for those who choose to WEEP ONLY and not look at past what media is feeding-)

    I think I am NOT surprised by this Shocking attack as it IS the Turning point - I mean for fucksake killing 5year olds execution style!
    a sure thing to enrage social elements- add media propaganda and repetitive variance of information- only if you can take notes on your pad of paper KEY words and phrases - and Look back the AURORA theater and KNOW something is afoot-
    i was just reading many Yahoo comments on page where a Sen MANCHIN did give interview - but talk of hunting etc, is not the philosophy behind the 2nd Amd.

    Many are calling on TALK of Mental institutions - Ha! more Jails for people in America.
    I still ask a basic social questions- root of MEN going out by SUICIDE BY COP its about the Economics of these last 5 years or longer.
    NO ONE is of talking this serious factor- For example - if a am a female and going down more to the bottom of economics and super rich are getting greedier by the Nano Second! and one day i realize i can not afford to live and close to losing roof and warmth and all my belongings to live in a box under and overpass or where ever WE HIDE our Local homeless??? and I decide all options are exhausted; and maybe what folks say about Obama and New World Order Is happening? ? - i am trapped and broke- so i go off and quietly kill myself- does that make me insane on some level- that the people assigned to paper work have to document? oh she had a mental problem- not normal she didnt have a Iphone she wasn't NORMAL- well i say those assumptions are wrong - I ran out of money could not pay bills nor take care of myself on $100 a month - so after years of fighting that system you make a choice - nothing is getting better and future is DARK.
    well that is one WAY to look at dealing with what is wrong in our country and how with no hope of change; one conceptual person without mental malice might need to let go. You can't make CEO's invest in jobs for real life- we are in a phase of EXTREME GREED -

    i saw part of movie with Gregory Peck called - "Destination Tokyo" he was talking to his officers about the Japanese starving their own people and how they believed the propaganda even in starvation- what stunned me about the scene was it could be said HERE and NOW in USA the same thing is upon us. the starvation is Monsanto and Nutra-sweet and High Fructose Corn Products -
    No localized Food production and media owned by a few men- who feed us paid for brainwashing on medicines and political thought-
    as to divide us by Left and Right so sister argues with sister and brother hates brother.. its no win-

    But start with JFK- it is NOT physically possible for LHO to have shot him and we were then allowed to fall for Gulf of Tonkin and drawn into war- for profit of those who make $ on it.
    the times of Easy livening are gone-- did you enjoy the 1990's ? because that was last of having a good job many of Americans will have ever seen. the depopulation and stress on economy started with 9-11 and now Obama Reign of PEACE..where coincidences are lining up perfectly -

    and most folks do not know about military PSY-OP and drugs and just how many Intelligence agencies are on our soil and not interested in 'terrorists' but acting out false flags to terrorize US ALL-

    I have turned off my TV-- CNN/CBS/NBC were all drumming it in well tonight! i GAGGED on it.

    we are truly the SHEEPLE now-

    again sorry to use your blog to vent but i saw the orange hair guy and Knew something was very wrong then- and I see the school thing as very ASKEW thing are NOT as they Seem!

    lambs to the slaughter for the GOV or elites that run GOV reasons-
    you betcha i am fearful.

    1. You are describing the pain of life in a fallen world. I do not think we can build a utopia based on the material, carnal outlook of men. Readers of this blog know my thoughts about spiritual truth and the Reality of a creator of Love.
      When you are going through the valley of death, Keep Going.
      Thank you for sharing good insights.

  6. holycrap,