Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Juvenile Bald Eagle

Through a window/screen, i got one pic of a HUGE raptor that landed in the yard today.

Here are some versions of it; i tried to isolate colors and messed with exposure to try to clarify the pic. The claws were definitely yellow, and probably the beak.
I think it is a juvenile bald eagle. when it first landed perhaps a hundred feet away, i thought it was a big vulture, it was so large. (of course the vultures have gone south.)

after this picture i have added two photos i found on line that seem to verify the bald eagle possibility.
i have way mo better pics of mature bald eagles and raptors near the house, for example clicke HERE and HERE. and of course there are VULTURES all over this blog.

eagle through window

amplified for color: 
 Juvenile bald eagle poster

 click on pic to view large.

Young Eagle Nightview


and one from http://www.whale-images.com/picture/bald-eagle-juvenile-130.htm

Merry Christmas everyone.

more bald eagles form my yard HERE 

and HERE

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