Friday, January 27, 2012

If only i had had a big stab wound

"maybe then the police would believe i had been raped. "

i hate it when the police do not believe a woman.
how many students have made the effort to report--with ALL THAT ENTAILS-- then the police, after grilling her several times, do not even interview the alleged perpetrator--do NOT EVEN INTERVIEW HIM! 
 (answer: too many)
We have really great police officers, and we have untrained or noncaring ones.
if they only knew the enourmous didfference they make.
 how am i able to say, sure , yeah, excellent choice, to report this crime--
if there is a 50-50 chance the CRIME VICTIM will be treated like a liar. and the perpetrator is not even given the tiny little fear of a police officer or detective interviewing him.
I thought that was something they like to do? Scare, trick, shame, cajol a rapist into admitting something that will get the case some justice.

i wont leave a mark dagnabit

give me all your money. (don't fight him, just give him your money!)
           give me your purse.

cry sometimes, laugh somtimes.

Maybe the fact that the TV sensational anchors only report the 2% of weird cases, troubled reports, sociopathic liars, and smarmy stuff--completely ignoring the EPIDEMIC of sexual violence-- is one reason....

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  1. "big stab wound"....

    is this close enough?

    Research confirms what many people already know to be true: Link between cardiovascular illness and sexual/domestic abuse history. I'd assume that this is esp. true if the survivor doesn't get help for the abuse. Check this out--