Friday, January 27, 2012

Irish Water Spaniel Dog: Stunning. Sweetest Hypoallergenic Friday

OK, an Irish Water Spaniel is a glorious dog. the Calendar has this picture:

 and an Irish Water Spaniel Puppy:

looks a little like howard stern, but better looking.

"The colour is liver/puce and has a very definite purple hue unlike the colour of any other known breed...IWS have several distinguishing characteristics which place them among the more unique of all breeds: The topknot of long, loose curls growing down from the head which often covers the eyes; a "beard" growing at the back of the throat often accompanied by "sideburns"; and a curled, liver ("puce")-colored coat. The most distinguishing characteristic of these dogs is the smooth "rat tail", completely free of long coat except at the base where it is covered for 2-3 inches with curls. The face is entirely smooth-coated and, unlike the poodle, should require little or no trimming to stay that way. An IWS is ruggedly built with webbed feet to aid in its powerful swimming. Altogether, the IWS presents a picture of a smart, upstanding, strongly built but not leggy dog, combining great intelligence and rugged endurance with a bold, dashing eagerness of temperament.
They are the largest of the Spaniel group. Dogs range in height from 22 to 24 inches (56–61 cm), and weigh 55 to 65 pounds (25–30 kg). As their name would imply these dogs love water."


  1. nice idea. thanks for sharing...

  2. This is a pretty great looking dog! A little bit Spaniel/Standard poodle cross!

    1. Aww, saw the dog on your site, quite cute!
      Wedding dresses in South Africa, huh...
      what a variety we all are!!