Sunday, January 1, 2012

Raptors in the Flint Hills of Kansas: Hawk Country on New Year's Day

A magnificent Bald Eagle sat in the Eagle Tree this morning and i wanted to bring a steak offering in exchange for the beauty of sun lighting up the Grand head.
As i'd approached the eagle tree, i looked, as always for a raptor; the tree is one mile from my house and as i neared, i realized there was indeed a bird there-- but it was growing larger, LARGER in my sight-- an eagle!? Yes!
(click here for a previous Bald Eagle viewing)

I was on a tight schedule (sigh) and only grabbed 2 distance pics. However, on the way home i took the following photos of a red-tailed hawk between the eagle tree and the homestead.

The untouched photos (canon) are followed by a few altered posters and the sunset is from this past week.
Click on the pic to view large please.

 hawk habitat

More eagle and hawk photos throughout this blog,
for example, HERE
 Hawk Poster by MTodd feel free to download and print yourself a copy...


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