Friday, January 20, 2012

Shedding Tears for Elizabeth Smart: Now Engaged.

By the Grace of God? Now Elizabeth Smart is engaged.  Did you shed tears as you followed the unspeakable ordeal she endured? When I first mentioned her in this blog, it sweemed there was a spate of kidnappings in the news. Young children ripped from their families into a world of torture. How would they ever recover? What of the ones never found? The unimaginable pain and unending prayers of families who still wait; (my guess is, almost hoping their child is in the arms of angels rather than living a life in evil's hands...)
elizabeth smart engaged photo story here
There is healing, and moving on for some.
As you watch the video below, ponder
how over the years, as you have heard of various horror crimes, in particular those involving kidnapping and torture of children--
how much you wanted to know
that if ever a child was found, was saved--that she would be whole again, that s/he would be healed. Stronger than ever. That s/he would not be permanently wounded.

Elizabeth Smart, taken at age 14 at knifepoint from her bedroom, gave us some comfort
as she shared
factually, simply, graciously
with great insight and humble wisdom
her Moving On
and her confrontation with the criminal...

She has started a foundation--" I think one of the biggest ways to overcome any trial in life, to heal from any any kind of experience is by helping those around you --because by lifting those around you up
 you end up lifting yourself up as well..."
 here is the video
This is actually the moment many of us have waited for many times, for those we will never meet, for those we have prayed for. This is what by Grace we hope the recovery from monsters looks like.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us, I had not heard this story before. Thanks for posting.