Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"at least he's not a commie" Funniest Campaign Slogan of All Time.

Politics 2012. This gwine get ugly. Oh, hang on puppies this will be a wild ride.

 A__get mean   and /or
     B___humor of politics and rock stars 
and/or   c__to laugh

The most laughs i've had in a month when i
caught opening minutes of the glenn beck radio program this morning
usually i cry when i hear it
Here is the defining moment of politics 2012:
"Mitt Romney: At least he's not a commie..."

what is mean, what is violent, what spurs hatred, what should be BANNED?

or must we all bear the use of humor we do not like?

it pervades. and if you find yourself UNABLE to laugh at this:
then you need to find some vacation time or spiritual solace, stp away from the politics, and help out at a day care for awhile.

Insanity is taught to us:   stoning-jared-lee-loughner

jared-lee-loughner-sins-everyone-pick up a rock

Popular fashion and cool stuff is what we should be spending our treasure on...If you are truly evolved you care about these   and   these

i'm too sexy to be smart
too fabulous to think
too wicked to be good

Most popular national enquiry ever...

evolution, baby.

survival of the fittest, bby


  1. Most Fabulous Campaign slogan of All Time:
    At least he's not a commie.. hahahahahahah

  2. Holey Toledo. Are we still using the Red scare? Maybe it has become Camp...