Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Insanity in (not) Prosecuting Rape


Head exploding speechless.

The daughter admitted she and the friend left her house to meet the boys but said they gave her alcohol and she doesn't remember much of what happened next. The boys said the sex was consensual.

"...Since the morning her daughter had been left nearly unconscious in the frost of the home’s front lawn, this northwest Missouri community had come to mean little besides heartache.

Few dispute the basic facts of what happened in the early morning hours of Jan. 8, 2012: A high school senior had sex with Coleman’s 14-year-old daughter, another boy did the same with her daughter’s 13-year-old friend, and a third student video-recorded one of the bedding scenes. Interviews and evidence initially supported the felony and misdemeanor charges that followed.

Yet, two months later, the Nodaway County prosecutor dropped the felony cases against the youths, one the grandson of a longtime area political figure.

The incident sparked outrage in the community, though the worst of it was directed not at the accused perpetrators but at a victim and her family. In the months that followed, Coleman lost her job, and her children were routinely harassed. When it became too much, they left, retreating east to Albany.

Coleman had hoped the move would allow them to heal in peace, that the 40 miles separating the towns would be enough to put an end to their bitter saga.

Now, though, as she stared at the charred remains of her house, the distance didn’t seem nearly enough..."

anonymous gets involved:

More about the crime of rape generally : HERE

Justice for Daisy Peaceful Protest 
Tuesday October 22 at 10am in Maryville, MO. 
 According to the Facebook event, there's already 1700 people that will be attending. 

The announcement of the protest comes just days after the Kansas City Starbroke a shocking story reporting that two local high school football players had all charges against them dismissed after they raped two young girls who were drunk, later depositing one of the victims unconscious on her front porch in freezing temperatures without shoes or a coat. When her mother found her on their front lawn more than three hours later, her hair was frozen and she had frostbite on her feet.

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