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Slutwalk: Frustration with Victim Blaming.

Read “Blame Rapists for Rape and other radical statements made at slutwalk events” Kiara Okita  Sexual Assault Report vol.15 Number 2 November/December 2011

This a lengthy but excellent article!

Here is a post about Blaming the Crime Victim: (includes the Poem from a Lakota Man)    blame the rapist

it was MEN who started circulating this:


Be A True Lakota Man. (slightly edited) Speak Out About Rape George Twiss Management Team Cangleska, Inc. 

RAPE is a violent, selfish, degrading, and illegal act. As a man, if your sister, mother, daughter, girlfriend, wife, niece, aunt, friend, co-worker, grandmother, daughter/niece of a friend, or close acquaintance is RAPED, you feel anger and compassion. As a Lakota man, the RAPE of any woman should bring about the same feelings. As a Lakota man, you should be working to make sure this problem in our communities is taken seriously by police and the Court. You should take a stance to protect our women from some of us who have no respect for the sacredness of women and their rights to the security of their own bodies. I challenge you to take that stand and have the courage to tell those of your brothers who need to be reminded that RAPE is not right and not the way of our people. RAPE is a weapon that has been used against our women. It is not our way. For those who make inappropriate jokes about RAPE or feel that a woman is responsible for what happens to her, tell them that no woman asks to be RAPED. Remind them thatWE AS MEN CAN MAKE WOMEN SAFE FROM RAPE BY DOING THE FOLLOWING:
If a woman is drunk, don't rape her.
If a woman is walking alone at night, don't rape her.
If a woman is drugged and unconscious, don't rape her.
If a woman is wearing a short skirt or shorts, don't rape her.
If a woman is jogging in a park at 5 a.m., don't rape her.
If a woman looks like your ex-girlfriend you're still hung up on, don't rape her.
If a woman is asleep in her bed, don't rape her.
If a woman is asleep in your bed, don't rape her.
If a woman is doing her laundry, don't rape her.
If a woman is in a coma, don't rape her.
If a woman changes her mind in the middle of petting or sex, don't rape her.
If a woman has repeatedly refused a certain activity, don't rape her.
If a woman is not yet a woman, but a child, don't rape her.
If your girlfriend or wife is not in the mood, don't rape her.
If your step-daughter is watching TV, don't rape her.
If you break into a house and find a woman there, don't rape her.
If a woman smiles at you and walks out with you at the powwow, don’t rape her.
If you find a woman broke down along the highway, don’t rape her.
If your friend thinks it's okay to rape someone, tell him it's not, and he's not your 
If your friend tells you he raped someone, report him to the police.
If your friend or relative at the party tells you there's an unconscious woman upstairs
and it's your turn, don't rape her. Call the police and tell the guy he's a rapist.
Tell your sons, god-sons, nephews, grandsons, and sons of friends, it's not okay to RAPE. Don't imply that the woman could have avoided rape if only she'd done or not done something. Don't imply that it was in any way her fault. Don't be silent when he boasts he "got some" while she was passed out. Don't perpetuate a culture that tells you that men who RAPE have no control over or responsibility for their actions.
Be A True Lakota Man. (slightly edited) Speak Out About Rape George Twiss Management Team Cangleska, Inc.

How doyou talk to a rapist?

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  1. "Walk with a buddy to stop you from raping people"

    "Ask him, why were you thinking about raping?"

    seems to say that all men are potential rapists as if that is the ONLY thing that men think about, this is just insulting. This is not a dig against you mary, but after seeing this, I just had to respond to this, this quotes are nothing more than just hate speech against men from a radical sect of feminism nothing more, nothing less. Don't get me wrong rape is a terrible crime, like murder, mugging, assault, beating ect... Just remember men get raped and sexually assaulted too...By women, not just men. Mary, My comments are not towards you, but too the comments itself,

    "We live in a society that teaches don't get raped instead of don't rape"

    Not true. If it was a rape culture as it seems what the Slut Walk supporters and participates are refering too, you would not have laws that outlaw rape in all it's forms..You would not have very high punishments/ and long periods of inprisonment for rape and you would not have prosecuters who would be willing to pursue rape and sexual assault charges.

    1. The very phrase,
      "Walk With A Buddy" as used above
      implies there are men who do not rape.
      It seems to me that
      Rape should be an issue MORE concerning to men almost--
      in that, since it is almost entirely men who commit this crime, --
      when it is sisters wives daughters nieces mothers getting hurt by the what, 10%? who rape?
      that men are concerned with these men ripping the fabric of a good society.
      This is not hate speech but satire and humor used at these events to try to distill the common sense.
      the common sense is don't blame the victim. but we still do. if she didn't follow her TIPS sheet well enough-
      if she didn't engage in Risk Management well enough, then it must be her fault she was raped.
      Being a kind of conservative woman, who is not a believer in the whole sexual freedom/promiscuity thing, i never cared for the term slutwalk.
      For me the sexual gift is divine and sacred.
      I do understand the frustration of an entire gender as almost nothing is done legally.
      i will post in the body above a couple more thoughtlinks.

      This post is about frustration. Since i see women and girls and men and boys who have been raped with no reasonable legal response, and my hed explodes weekly, i do understand the frustration.

    2. Yes, those comments seem to be directed toward men, but not just any or every kind of man, but the men who do rape and victimize other women. Not at all do these posters say "All men rape! Beware!" The posters are bringing light to the secret predators, and in no way implying that all men rape.
      Also, our society does blame the victim more times than not. Those laws are in place yes, but there is also a reason why many cases of women who've been raped or sexually assaulted don't get justice. The victims get subtle or unsubtle messages that it was their fault. They hear:" What were you wearing that night?" Why did you decide to walk home alone?" " Were you drinking?" Women get taught and told not to do these things, why? So they don't get raped. But why does a woman have to internalize these rules of "how to be in society" in order to protect herself? Instead the rapists should just simply not rape! I feel that this is what the poster is trying to express. It shouldn't be solely up to the victim to protect themselves, but instead the responsibility should be put on to the predator to not prey on them.

    3. Seem to be directed towards men? They ARE directed towards men. So I guess hate speech directed at men (You know the other gender,that is often told that they are ALL potential rapists) is now considered "Satire" and "comedy"?

      What if I made similar statements about black people and the prevention of gang culture would that be considered racist?

      I just cannot believe any of you cannot see the bigotry in all of this

    4. They are directed at men who rape. You shoujldnt take it personally. Forget about race, see if you can find a problem caused overwhelmingly by women and address the problem. Not the women, The problem, without mentioning gender. People might assume you are a woman hater but you are merely trying to address the problem.

    5. That makes about as much sense as telling a serial killer not to murder or drug dealer not to sell illegal drugs.

      What about this: Just because a women has a one night stand and then regrets it the next day does not mean it was rape, do not be that false accuser. Do you not think this statement would get along of women angry for generalizing them in this way. After all it is a problem that is cause OVERWHELMINGLY by women and ruins men's lives....But hey, Don't take it personally....

    6. I'd like to comment here, on your first sentence--"That makes about as much sense as telling a serial killer not to murder or drug dealer not to sell illegal drugs."
      In the big picture this is obviously, absolutely true. Saying, Stop Raping to rapists is a fools errand. I think this is about frustration with society, the blaming, the mixed messages, --and i know there is HUGE frustration with the legal/enforcement system.

  2. Well, sir if you knew how many people were raped with no justice atall (most of them) you wouldnt be mentioning laws. Thats why we march, is that eveyone one knows so many people that got tricked and raped. It feels right now like a flood of rape agaisnt women and our kids and so that is why the levels of anger are so high. I dont see any blaming of all men here i only see women trying to make everyone everyone understand that it is time to quite blaming the vicitms.

  3. I appreciate all comments, as they increase our conversation and show each other what is in our hearts and minds.
    I will say, i do not blame all men for this crime.
    Blame the rapist.

    I understand how that hurts to hear when one is a man. Similar to how Catholics feel when hearing about the church sex scandal or when a friend of mine who lives in D.C. said, during the sniper killings, "Oh please don't let him be black!"
    The facts are what they are but anyone with a lick of sense knows that all men are not rapists, most rapes are not prosecuted, and all women are good drivers.


  4. ---for some reason, a comment isn't showing up, that came to me via email. the comment was, in giving an example of a problem caused by women, as was requested in a comment above ^ ^ ^

    "How about this: Just because a women has a one night stand and regrets it the morning after does not mean it was rape. Don't be a false accuser. Do you not think that would make a lot of women angry for generalizing in that way? See how that works? After all like you said it is a problem that is OVERWHELMING being caused by women, and ruins men's lives..big and Don't take it personally..... "

    I have to say, i find the offense of false accusation horrifying, a betrayal, one of the lowest things a person could do.
    In the case of rape, a false accusation inflicts a mortal wound of such severity that i cannot speak it.

    But when i criticize such liars, or the situation of women who falsely accuse, i do not think of it as all women and i am not offended as a woman that we criticize or investigate such behavior.
    gender exists.
    i do not divide by gender and i do not think in terms of gender. (It may prove a factor that predicts in research.)

    In my real world day to day life: we are all people, and everyone is an individual. One person, one soul.
    Can/does anyone else see it like that?

  5. I think that this article and posters are tools in educating on the crime of rape. The crime of rape is about power, about selfishness, about taking control away from someone else, about trying to "feel good" by overpowering another human, feeling superior by standing on top of another, by stealing from another, by taking what is not given freely. The victim is left feeling powerless. Their personal choice as to whether or not to share what happened to them, depends on how they think others will respond. All to often the response tends to be doubt and questions pointing towards the victim, not the rapist. If we did not live in a society of rape culture, then there would be more justice and support for victims of these crime. I do not see this article as targeting all men as rapist, but rather encourages men to take a stand against the crime of rape and to work towards justice.

  6. @Anonymous Oct 22, 2013 at 934 AM.

    I agree with you about rape being about power, selfishness and taking control away from another human being, I believe it to be a genderless crime, But I think that the issue is that how the justice system is set up. Despite popular belief: The Criminal justice system is not set up for justice for the victim, it is about justice for the accused. The accused is guaranteed due process. It is too ensure that there is a presumption of innocence and that the burden of proof is one the prosecution and by proxy the victim to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. I think by the very nature that I have described the justice system above. This is not indicitiative of a Rape Culture, is there a rape problem? YES!! but it is not a culture, it is not accepted in our society, because if it was, you would not have laws outlawing it.

    The problem is with the burden of proof, just because of the very nature of the crime of rape itself. In my opinion the only place in western/american socieity where I could say that a rape culture exists is in Male Prisons. Especially Towards convicted sex offenders. It is used a method of controlling the prison population.

    So with all this: What is the solution? Do you take away the Accused due process as guareenteed under the Bill of Rights? Just because it is inconvient? Assume that all rape allegations made by a women angainst a man to be true? Imprison Men accused of Rape with no due process? Would that be justice? True Justice?

    What more support could you possibly want: You have women centers, You have the Dear Collegue Letter, You Have VAWA, you have primary agressor policies, you have sex crimes units at police departments

    Yes I do think that the statements made by the Slutwalk Posters are targeted towards men and I believe them to be misandric and there are alot of men out there who are sick and tired of the same old "All men are potential Rapists" and being viewed as such just for being male. This kind of shaming language is hate. Especially when considering the VAST MAJORITY of men DO NOT RAPE NOR CONDONE RAPE!!!! or commit any other serious crimes, these are crimes that are commited by sociopaths.

    So how do you want men to take a stand against the crime of Rape any differently than taking a stand against other serious crimes as murder, theft, assault, or arson? And what difference do you think it would truly make?

  7. I think the gentleman has his point, the bad aspect of men is emphasized. Because one man rapes doesn't mean that every man rapes.
    Everyone has a right to go out at night to get drinks. But they should be alert and protect themselves when they are exposed to risks -- both men and women.

    Nevertheless, as we teach kids how to protect themselves, we should also teach them not to commit to crimes. It is the rapist's fault if rape happened. Having sex without consent is rape, so sometimes it is not just a one night thing.

    In China, even you are a male, your parents would still be worried about your safety. Because it is possible that you wake up and find that your kidney was taken.
    People would blame the kidney taker instead of blame the victim that he is too healthy.
    That is why we blame the rapists instead of blaming the women for being too sexy or going out at night.

  8. A poster urging others not to commit an act of violence is absolutely not "hateful". These posters make no mention of gender, and they say nothing derogatory about men or women. Would a poster or article urging others to not commit murder or theft be considered "hateful". I highly doubt it.

    To the point that this is attacking men and that we need to remember that men get raped, too, and that rape is not just committed by men: this is true, but sexual assault is most definitely a gendered crime if you look at the statistics and facts. First, 1 in 5 women will be victims of sexual assault in her lifetime. This compares to 1 in 33 men. 9 out of 10 victims are female. So, what does this say? Yes, men are raped, and this is horrible and tragic and should not be overlooked, but this is a gendered crime in that a vast majority of rape victims are female. Furthermore, only 1% of perpetrators of rape are female. Therefore, 99% of perpetrators are male! So, which gender is committing rape against both men and women? These stats look like this is, in fact, a crime largely against women that is perpetrated by men.

    We don't have a rape culture? Just because there are laws against rape does not mean that rape is not prevalent and even condoned on a cultural level. A rape culture is one in which rape is normalized and excused. It is perpetuated by the glamorization of violence and the objectification of women's bodies. A few examples of rape culture can be seen in the following: the assumption that women who dress sexy are asking for it, the prevalence of rape jokes, and blaming the victim (see the Marysville rape case). Culture is not just laws (also, very few perpetrators are prosecuted, and many victims are not taken seriously). Culture is about norms, and considering the fact that so many women are raped and not believed, I would say there is definitely a normalization of violence against women.

    What more do we want? To lower that astounding rate of rape victims so that we don't have to have VAWA and crime units for sexual violence. We want to change the culture in which men (mostly) hurt women and other men. We want this conversation to not be necessary anymore.

  9. @AnonymousOctober 23, 2013 at 3:20 PM

    "A poster urging others not to commit an act of violence is absolutely not "hateful". These posters make no mention of gender"

    Read this very carefully:

    "Ask him, why were you thinking about raping?"

    You have the audacity to say this statement does not make mention of gender? Do you have a comprehension problem?

    And your "facts" and "statsitics" that you are parroting to prove your points are very unrealiable at best. The whole 1 in 5 agruement is coming from empirical evidence in the least.

    Feminist like you continue to perpetuate the lie that sexual aggression is a masculine behavior--even though women are more likely to report engaging in it. They claim that the number of male victims is tiny, and they cite research that describes forced sex perpetrated on a woman as rape and forced sex perpetrated on a man as not rape, to "prove" it. They ignore the findings that a large percentage of women have reported having forced a man into sex, while a smaller percentage of men report they've repeatedly forced a woman into sex--which actually demonstrates that rape is more common a behavior in women, not men. This is exactly what Mary Koss did in her “research”, you know the 1 in 4 statistic that gets thrown around a lot…This “research” is based on anyoumous survey’s targeted at women and have no independent verification of whether or not a sexual assault or rape actually occurred. It is by its very nature unrealiable.

    They continue to frame rape culture as a social attitude that normalizes sexual violence by men against women, even though the justice system has bent over backwards to make it easier for women to report rape and easier to convict male rapists. Does this sound like a “culture” that accepts or normalizes rape? Even though black men hung like the song said, "strange fruit" from trees in the deep south based on nothing more than a woman's pointed finger, and even though the first response of society to a man's complaint that he's been forced into sex by a woman is, "was she hot?" They blame the rape of women on Patriarchal norms, masculinity and male dominance, even though it was a male-dominated system that enacted marital rape laws to protect only women from sexually aggressive husbands, while the exact same system will force a man to pay punitive damages to his ex-wife for not putting out enough for her liking, and will consider him withholding sex from her a form of domestic violence.

    What you are saying this post in response to reasonable debate with the other Anonymous poster does nothing more than spread lies and hysteria, instead of looking at things equally and with at least a dose of reason and critical thought, deny that above statement is hateful to men, as class, when it is quite obivous that it is, and come up with a response that amounts to nothing more than lies, and spreads hysteria, and is devoid of any critical thought or reason. Seeing how this comes from a feminist, it does not surprise me in the least.

    1. anonymous says
      "even though the justice system has bent over backwards to make it easier for women to report rape and easier to convict male rapists. Does this sound like a “culture” that accepts or normalizes rape? Even though black men hung like the song said, "strange fruit" from trees in the deep south based on nothing more than a woman's pointed finger, ..."
      Although I cannot do better than the first response to this post (and i thank the poster for sharing her personal story of rape)--I will respond to this one point.
      It is NOT easy for a person to report rape and not easy to get a conviction. If you do the research here, you will find that this crime is different than others especially in reporting rates, go to trial rates, and conviction rates. Part of this is due to the trouble that juries have after listening to defense attorneys who accuse every rape victim of lying. THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of cases do not get a chance at justice.
      Most victims do NOT feel like they get a fair chance at justice. As far as the male/female thing: all over THE ENTIRE PLANET men are raping men, women, and children. This is not a gender BASED statement, it is a descriptive statement. It happens to be true. AN d the most despicable, unheard of cruelty on the planet happens between the groups of men in power. If women were i power would it be the same? I DONT KNOW!! but it really isn't about gender. Gender happens to be a factor, Look at the massive criminal, moral, selfish behavior in the world. The worst of it is by the rich and powerful. Perhaps their behavior serves as a model for others.
      Please don't get so wrapped up in this male female thing-- no one should be behaving the way rapists behave.

    2. But this "research" that you cite assumes that every single rape accusation to be true. How is it not easy to report a rape? You cannot just make a statement like this an not just back it up with some verifiable facts to support it. You have rape shield laws that protect the scissors identity from the public, while the accused, get his name dragged through the mud publicly often before even being charged.

      As far as convictions go? You seem to be coming from a position that t every single accusation of rape to be true, when there is other research out there that says false accusations of rape are put between 20% to 57% .

      Are you complaining that juries have to listen to defense attorneys DOING THEIR JOB? Remember the justice system is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. That means the burden of proof is on the ACCUSER. Under this system the onus is not on the accused to prove his innocence nor should it every be.

      How do you define a "chance at justice"? Should we just lock up every man who get accused of rape by a women just on the word alone, and Don't take into consideration of other facts or factors? Deny due process?Because after all we all know women never ever lie about rape.

      There are All kinds of terrible things going on all over the planet, not just rape...I have personally witnessed some of it, so what is your point. Human beings are doing terrible things to human beings. Yes even women 're doing these also. What I find so disturbing is that women who follow the feminist ideology seem to think they exist on some higher moral plane or have a better morale understanding, and become so ambivalent when hateful statements about men are being said , reminds me of the Nazis attitude about Jews. Disturbing
      And then says completely insane things like "Please Don't get so wrapped up in this male female thing" when clearly this I what the discussion is about.

      Hate to break to you but there has been women rulers, or has been women in power all throughout history since ancient times, and you know what? IT IS AND HAS BEEN THE SAME AS WHEN MEN WERE IN POWER!!!! Which means WOMEN ARE NO DIFFERENT, no better or worse!!!!

      Point, set, match.

  10. All,

    I'm a lover not a fighter, so I find all this negativity exhausting. I wanted to provide some food for thought. Please keep an open mind.

    And your "facts" and "statistics" that you are parroting to prove your points are very unreliable at best. The whole 1 in 5 argument is coming from empirical evidence in the least.

    Food for thought:
    If by empirical evidence, the poster above means the lack of scientific proof, then I completely agree with the poster that the 1 in 5 argument is coming from empirical evidence. However, the lack of scientific proof does not mean a rape was not committed.

    Most rapes that are reported to police lack physical evidence. They’re typically one person’s word against another. (If you don’t believe me, call your local police department.)

    Unfortunately, even more rapes go unreported to the police due to the fear of blame, retaliation and disbelief; and when these victims seek out assistance during their road to recovery, its so-called empirical evidence collected by individuals like Mary.

    They continue to frame rape culture as a social attitude that normalizes sexual violence by men against women, even though the justice system has bent over backwards to make it easier for women to report rape and easier to convict male rapists.

    Food for thought:
    This could be a misinterpretation but it appears the poster is equating the expansion of the legal definition of rape to an easier:
    • Crime reporting for women
    • Conviction in males

    What the poster fails to recognize is that while rape definitions and laws change, it does not mean that our societies perceptions change as well.

    As a victim of two rapes, it has been my experience that society categorizes rape into two groups and has very different reactions to each. Stranger rape is "real rape" while acquaintance rape is simply "a miscommunication."

    During the investigation of my first rape, in which I was assaulted by a wrestling recruit while his potential teammates both prodded and encouraged the encounter, the detective informed me that not only was this a case of consensual sex but I in fact enjoyed it.

    After being raped for a second time by a masked gunman in my home, the police coddled me. They told me I was brave and heroic for retelling my encounter in such detail.

    Unfortunately, not much has changed since my experience 8 years ago. Those who are raped by a peer or an acquaintance are often blamed and the crime goes without a conviction… #Justice4Daisy and countless others.

    The educational posters displayed on this blog in some instances refer to the victim as female and the rapist has a male.

    However, Mary teaches her students that:
    • Males are rape victims too
    • A high number of male reports go unreported
    • Not all men are rapist
    • Men are a major part of the recovery process for female victims

    Despite Mary Koss ‘s findings that women are more likely to engage in sexual aggression, countless other studies find that men are more likely the aggressors. And thus, you’ll find rape prevention materials are generally targeted towards women.

    Is this right? Probably not. Is it hateful? No. If these posters were hateful towards men, then my younger brother wouldn’t have posted these same posters all over our campus.

    If you want to change America’s rape culture so it’s easier for men to report a crime…then rock on! I’ll help!

    1. I would like to thank you for sharing your experiences in order to give some light on this issue. I agree with all that you say, and would like to also work to make it easier for EVERYONE and ANYONE who has been a rape victim to be able to report the crime and receive justice. I also think that in order to stop rape one needs to educate their peers, friends, families about rape. These posters, I feel are only trying to do just that. They aren't targeting the male gender or species. They are just trying to educate on what happens in our society.

    2. I really appreciate your sharing. It's very encouraging not only to the victims but also to people who are working on justice. Because of someone like you is brave enough to share and give other people mental support, we are more motivated and we are more sure that we are not alone.
      Thank you!

  11. I would like to thank the writer of the above post for sharing her insight and experience. I would also like to ask the anonymous blogger who states "even though the justice system has bent over backwards to make it easier for women to report rape and easier to convict male rapists" to do some research on this topic and to read the book "Whores of the Court" by Margaret A. Hagen, Ph.D. I would also like to ask you to elaborate on your phrase "Feminist like you" I have gathered from your post that you use the term "Feminist" like it is a dirty word when in fact Feminism aims to understand the nature of gender inequality.

  12. @Nevaeh: They have made it easier, they have even made it to where the system is weaponized for women to use against men, where if the risk of reporting something false is practically nil. Look at the 2006 Duke LaCross team. Look at the reaction of the Duke 88 in regards to this. Look at the feminist protest that happened in response to this. The poster campaign to confess, a protest demanding that the accused to be castirated....Look at the Brain Banks case..Even now with Jamis Winston, who has not even been charged yet, and the women's story is unrealiable, rape shield laws allows her identiy not to be publically reaveled, but the accused? His life is being adversely affected based on the accusation. And you want to say that Feminism aims to understand the nature of gender inequlaity? When feminist organizations lobby for primary agressor policies, rape shield laws, VAWA, which is purely prejudical in men. Give me a break, Feminism as an ideology, at it's core is hate. pure and simple. I agree with the anon poster above, They based there facts on statstics that have no indenpendant verification, and feminist use this as justification for it's activities, by spreading hysteria...and you want me to read a book by another feminist that also has the same confirmation bias??

  13. I find it interesting, that the feminist posters in this thread can only come up with emotionally based rhetoric to try to refute a fact based agruement posted by the anon poster who I assume to be an MRA. Weak.

    As far as feminism being a dirty word, when you consider the statements and actions by feminists in the name of feminism, can anybody really be surprised by the pushback?

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  15. The following was taken from a recent interview:

    Q: What are your thoughts on the phenomenon of “rape culture” as it’s reported in the media and talked about on college campuses today?
    A: It’s ridiculous. The one place we should be worried about is India. Why American feminists haven’t mobilized against gang rapes in India is an absolute outrage. This obsession with rape [in North America] is neurotic. There are attacks on men also. This privileging of the female victim is a distortion. To see the world in terms of rape is absurd. Throughout history there have been atrocities of every kind. Throughout history honourable men don’t rape.

    Q: Can we teach men not to rape, as some argue?
    A: You can try to teach people to make ethical judgments. Telling a rapist not to rape? [Laughs] A liberal ideology is out there that people are basically good. It’s a bourgeois version of reality—this idea that the whole world should be like a bourgeois living room and anyone who doesn’t belong, you can retrain. No you can’t! I was raised in the Italian working-class way, which is “watch out!” The world is a dangerous place. It’s up to you to protect yourself, not just from rape, but from anything. The lack of imagination for criminality amazes me. There are people who are evil. The problem here is the inability of women to project themselves into the minds of men. Feminists say [proper, mocking tone] “women have the right to do whatever they want.” Of course we have the right to do whatever we want–to be jogging with earphones on with our breasts going like this [simulates breasts bouncing]. Yes you have the right to but it’s also stupid! I see with the eyes of the criminal. I must have a criminal mind.

    Q: Are there any worthwhile voices in feminism today?
    A: Feminism is dead. The movement is absolutely dead. The women’s movement tried to suppress dissident voices for way too long. There’s no room for dissent. It’s just like Mean Girls. If they had listened to me they could have gotten the ship steered in the right direction. My wing of feminism—the pro-sex wing—was silenced. I was practically lynched for endorsing The Rolling Stones. Susan Faludi is still saying I’m not a feminist. Who made her pope? Feminist ideology is like a new religion for a lot of neurotic women. You can’t talk to them about anything.

    The above is taken from an interview with a well known feminist: Camille Paglia. I just thought this would add a different prespective to the disscussion, when you consider what the topic is: The statements being made by Slutwalk and the question of the existence (or not) of Rape Culture.

    What Camille Paglia says is kind of strange considering that she is considered at large to be a Feminist, when the anon MRA comment posters are basically saying the same thing. Kind of puts the Movement of Feminism in a different light from what the MRA's are saying about the movement of Feminism....Maybe things are not as black and white as everbody thinks or want to be..

    But the burning question I have. How or why have we become so divided?