Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kinda Warm Here...

We are in the "swamp" of heat as the TV newscaster said, looking at the national map. Heat index over 110.
Another request to post these...

 My aunt's power just came back on in the Virginia-DC area, after one week. I am feeling grateful these days, as usual.
Everyone has such burdents to bear.
Remember, your life can change at any time, in an instant.

Blessings to All
who are dealing with Fire, Flood, Drought, Illness--
Watching your crops fail
or your animals suffer
and what may be harder,
feeling the pain of your loved ones
Loneliness, Fear, Despair.

One thing I know:
The Power of Love Exceeds All Things.

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  1. Thanks! felt cooler instantly as looked at these