Monday, July 2, 2012

Derecho--A Ring of Fire

Here is the video timelapse of the Derecho that hit the east coast--

Wild Derecho Photos, story and more click this  Earlier POST

According to the Washington Post, "... [Derechos]  often form along the northern boundary of a hot air mass, right along or just south of the jet stream – where upper level winds zip along at high speeds. During summer, the jet stream atop a sprawling heat dome is sometimes called a “ring of fire” due to the tendency for explosive thunderstorms to form along this weather front separating hot, humid air to the south and cooler, drier air to the north...
Besides this Derecho as a so-called Ring of Fire,
This ring of fire blew across the mid-america at 60 mph and more. , starting at Chicago AM and reaching DC around midnight. 13 people died, millions are without power.
Here is a timelapse of the Superderecho’s movement across the country from Iowa to Virginia in 14 hours:

Giant Wall cloud over KSU stadium click HERE
Stunning clouds after tornado in kansas video    click HERE

Here is a favorite Ring of Fire, a cover of Johnny Cash by
 Dilana HERE: (lithium)

and here: (time after time)

although these don't sound that good on my computer--better quality  probably HERE:
Wiki say:


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