Thursday, July 12, 2012

Luis Aguirre Sentenced Today

Judgement regarding life in prison or the death penalty is still minor compared to the Judgement he and we all will face.

The morning broke cool and still although it will reach close to 100 degrees today. I feel heavy and slightly wracked, with empathy for the jurors, empathy for the families involved. and other matters.

The drive into town had a weird sense of mild generalized impending doom.
 We all will be Searched and all will be known. Nothing is hidden.
 Forgive everyone, live impeccably, do not be fooled by Maya.
On the way in,
i saw an odd sight: a lovely vulture spread, dead on the road.

now who's gonna clean this up?

Pictures of the Riley County courthouse HERE

Here are the sounds and sights of Riley County in the morning:

Beautiful vultures in light
Post one of the trial click HERE

Death penalty: HERE


  1. Sentenced? Isn't that to be Scheduled for a future date & time?

  2. Sylvia Ortiz - Tanyas AuntJuly 12, 2012 at 2:22 PM

    I was informed by the Riley County Prosecutor's office that a sentence recommendation will be made to the judge, but actual Sentencing will not take place today. They may not even decide on the recommendation today; it's up to the jury at this point.

  3. Folks are gathered at the courthouse waiting for the jury to return. It could be five minutes or tomorrow.

  4. August 7 is the official sentencing date.