Monday, September 14, 2009

Manhattan Serial Rapist Jess' Story part 1

SOME YEARS AGO, i spoke with a smart, lovely, very kind and sweet young college woman who had been violently assaulted by the criminal known around here as the serial rapist.
Together we wrote her story.
We have decided to post some of her story here, in installments, to help anyone who wants to better understand the effects of/response to trauma.
K-State students, listen to her story.
Manhattan-- listen to her story.
Parents, sisters, brothers, friends.
This is our culture, these are our people, this is your girlfriend, mother, sister, friend, wife, son, daughter.

This was written before the police announced the movement of the investigation to lawrence. I am updating in some places.

Trauma                    part I

For many of us, the seasonal change into spring and summer brings to mind good things: green grass, graduation, sunlight and soft flowers, newborn animals, new beginnings.
For Jess K. however, the warmer weather also awakens dreadful memories and intensifies a sadness she carries with her.  Jess was assaulted by a violent criminal who is thought to have committed several rapes in the Manhattan area. The rapist has not been apprehended, and Jess fears for women in the community.
Jess made a decision to come forward and tell her story at the K-State Women’s Center, hoping to warn others who assume, as she once did, that living in a fairly decent apartment complex (surrounded by friends, other students and Manhattanites) made her safe from a break-and-enter sexual assault from a stranger. Although telling her painful story opened wounds that were just beginning to heal, Jess felt it was crucial to speak out for several reasons.
“No one has been talking about this serial rapist.  I want to warn other women, especially since there seems to be a lot of silence about the crimes.”

part 2 of this story HERE:

The words which i will share in the coming weeks cannot, of course, convey "JK's" deepest experience. But we hope they will inspire some individuals to grow, to know it is OK to speak of crimes and trauma and pain, and to enlarge a circle of care, which can include sorrow, anger, motivation, assistance, love, and kindness. The darkness is afraid of the Light,
because It Is Light.


  1. I am looking forward to reading about this. partly to educate myself, partly to try to understand emotionally. Thanks to "Jess" for stepping forward with what must be horrible memories.
    I still do not know why men feel they must hurt someone to feel better about themselves.
    perhaps you can write about that.

  2. The Manhattan serial rapist is now the lawrence serial rapist too. maybe he lives in topeka and have anyone looked at whichita too?

  3. Why haven't we caught him yet? It's disturbing that he's outsmarting the police force.

  4. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  5. the serial rapist is an asshole. dont even try to talk about him he likes the attention. i only wnat to here his lies when he is in court trying to get out of all his crimes and pain he caused.

  6. Not sure if I over looked it but I can't find the rest of this story. I remember hearing people talking about a rapist but no one had much information. Don't understand why they kept it so hush hush unless they thought would hurt getting students to choose K-State. Was the rapist ever caught?

    1. this is a several part story.
      at the end of each post is the link to the next post.
      i suppose the police felt that not having all the data our there could assist them in catching the guy. K-State did warn students and there were articles in the paper. He was never caught but appeared to show up in lawrence for several similar crimes.